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This month the Complete Parts and @ The Coalface $500 Community Gift goes to a local Singleton couple who are taking part in the Cancer Council’s Shitbox Rally.

Cheree and Jason Hunter are no stranger to the devastation and loss caused by cancer. Jason’s mother, Doreen, died because of cancer in 2009. The matriarch of the family endured six weeks of intense pain from diagnosis to death.

Early December Cheree’s father, Barry Thrift, became unwell. Blood and other tests revealed he had an acute leukemia and within a fortnight his life was over. This relatively fit 81-year-old’s life was taken aggressively, suddenly and painfully.

In tears, still coming to terms with her recent loss of her father whom she loved so very much, Cheree has compassion for so many others dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

“Dad was 81 and he suffered terribly but he’s not alone. Little kids, parents, grandparents, it impacts so many people. No one should have to go through this,” Cheree said.

Cheree and Jason’s personal experience is now something they share and the decision to take part in the Cancer Council’s Shitbox Rally, a fundraiser they have wanted to be involved in for more than four years, carries the memories of these two very special people in their lives.

Jason is a mechanic at Hunter Automotive Solutions and has put his hand up for a few years for both participation and support work for the rally, but numbers are limited due to the crazy logistics. Last year he was prepared to be a support volunteer but then came the news he could drive a vehicle and the venture began.

A mate gave them the skeleton of a Tarago van which Cheree and Jason are now working on, building the vehicle that will take on the almost 2000km journey that kicks off from Newcastle and ends in Townsville from May 15 to May 21.

One of the challenges of the rally is drivers cannot spend more than $1500 on a vehicle but it needs to be roadworthy. A second Tarago is being used to replace the necessary mechanical and interior roadworthy components. 

The other challenge is the Shitbox Rally is a fundraiser and participants must meet fundraising targets to ensure the event is worthwhile. Funds raised go towards vital cancer research projects that have the highest potential to significantly impact those affected by cancer.

Cheree and Jason have been doing plenty of fundraisers such as chocolate drives and Bunnings Barbecues to raise their initial $5000 but are still short of their target.

On February 11 they are holding a Drag Queen Trivia Night at Club Singleton and are hoping they can add a substantial donation to their fundraising figure.  They are looking for prize donations but more importantly bums on seats at the event.

“Cancer affects everyone, it is everywhere and if we can do something to make a difference it helps me come to terms with Dad and Jason’s mum and what happened,” Cheree said.

“I hate asking people for money, I feel awkward about it, but if we can do something to make a difference, well it all helps,” she said.

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Come along to the Drag Queen Trivia Night at Club Singleton on February 11 and help Cheree and Jason with this important cause. To book your seat to the Trivia Night email, call 0427 721 361 or book directly at:, or simply scan the QR code.
Donate directly to Cheree and Jason’s Shitbox Rally fundraising page at

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