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Glenden Community Gift @ The Coalface

This month the Complete Parts and @ The Coalface $500 Community Gift goes to the Glenden Rural Interest Group (GRIG), established to support the community of the small mining town of Glenden.

Glenden has faced significant challenges in recent years. Originally established to support the workforce of Glencore’s Newlands coal mine, the town faced potential closure as the mine wound down operations. Residents and the Isaac Regional Council rallied to save the town, resulting in legislative amendments to allow Glenden to remain open despite the mine’s closure. This uncertainty has left the community without reliable information about the future of nearby mining operations, impacting their ability to make informed decisions about their lives and businesses.

The GRIG was established in 2016 and has played a crucial role in supporting the community through these uncertain times, helping to diversify the skills and activities available to residents.

“The group began leasing blocks of land to community members, aiming to practice sustainable land management, foster good practice in animal husbandry, encourage sharing of skills in rural pursuits, and have a positive impact on the local community,” said Tamara, the group’s secretary.

“Our goal is to ensure all community members have access to events, experiences, and opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable due to Glenden’s remote location. Most community members are living away from family and friends, missing out on services and opportunities that are available in regional towns.”

GRIG’s initiatives provide much-needed social and recreational activities, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Over the past year, one of GRIG’s standout projects has been the revitalisation of the Glenden Golf Course.

Glenden Community Gift @ The Coalface

“The course had not been operational or maintained for over eight years. We applied to the Isaac Regional Council to take on the management agreement of the course, starting with three holes. The community has supported us with numerous working bees and fun days, and all work has been completed by volunteers using their own equipment.”

The project has provided a much-needed recreational space for the community and their families, offering a venue for relaxation and socialising. However, GRIG’s contributions extend beyond the golf course.

“We facilitate events throughout the year which have a positive impact on the community. Some of our most well-received events include the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Glenden Community Pool and a Bingo Night. We have also supported other community events, such as a comedy night and the Festival of Small Halls.”

Despite their successes, GRIG faces significant challenges, particularly with funding.

“We’re planning another Bingo night, a Father’s Day event, and some arts and crafts workshops. Our biggest ongoing project is the golf course. We aim to bring it up to a standard where both community members and tourists can enjoy it. We’re currently applying for funding to purchase our own machinery to make this possible.”

Collaboration is also a key aspect of GRIG’s efforts and while they are the only community group in Glenden, they work with other organisations when possible and are always looking for community members to get involved.

“Whether it’s selling tickets at Bingo, mowing the fairway at the golf course, or coming up with new ideas and events for the community, we welcome all support.”

For those interested in GRIG’s upcoming events or fundraising initiatives, following their Facebook page is the best way to stay updated.

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