COMMUNITY GIFT – Dysart Christmas Train

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This month the Components Only and @ The Coalface $500 Community Gift goes toward supporting the Dysart Christmas Tain and helping to keep this important tradition chugging along.

As the last of the twinkling lights dimmed and the cheerful echoes of laughter faded, Dysart’s Christmas Lights Train Tour completed another successful season. This iconic event, a staple on Dysart’s festive calendar for nearly 20 years, saw 18 runs this year from November 20 to December 3.

Organised by the Dysart Lions Club with the invaluable assistance of the Dysart Community Support Group, this year’s tour not only continued its merry tradition but also celebrated the support of the community.

The journey of this festive train is a story woven into the very fabric of Dysart. It began in the late 70s as a community project, with the train originally built by apprentices at Saraji Mine around 1980. From its days with steel wheels on a track to being revitalised with road wheels thanks to the efforts of Kelvin Fall, Rob Smith, and a generous 63 Holden from Alan Noonan, the train has been a symbol of community innovation and spirit.

Under the nurturing care of the Dysart Lions Club and with a rebuild by Graham Large, the train transformed into a red beacon of joy. Padded seats and engine improvements were just the start. Over the years, this little red train has been a festive fixture at weddings, graduations, and many community events, even becoming a mobile vendor for Lions Christmas Cakes.

In 2023, as Dysart celebrated its 50th Anniversary, Taylored Automotive undertook a significant overhaul of the train, ensuring that this cherished tradition continues to delight residents for years to come. This dedication to maintaining local traditions is a hallmark of Dysart’s community spirit.

The tour’s sparkle isn’t just in its wheels but also in the Christmas Lights competition, orchestrated by the Dysart Community Support Group.

Residents and businesses deck their halls (and walls!) with dazzling lights, creating a festive route that’s ‘lit’ in every sense. And let’s not forget the residents who line up along the route, adding to the festive cheer with treats, photos, and smiles, proving that in Dysart, everyone’s aboard the holiday spirit express.

Names like Viv Smith, Mohammed and Cecily Hassan, Nick Wheeler, Neville and Janice Mansfield, and Margaret McDowell from the Dysart Community Centre are often mentioned with fondness and respect, highlighting the deep community involvement that keeps the train tradition alive. The Lions Train is more than a festive attraction; it’s a testament to the volunteering spirit that makes Dysart an exceptional place to live.

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