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Working as the Supply Superintendent at Glencore’s Clermont Open Cut, Rohan’s story is a testament to balancing professional responsibilities with a personal life centered around community service.

“The working hours are demanding and take up a significant part of the day. However, the advantage of living less than 15 minutes from work allows those of us who are local to maintain a fulfilling social life outside our professional commitments,” shared Rohan.

Rohan’s volunteering journey began with his involvement in junior cricket in Clermont.

“Years ago, I joined the Clermont Junior Cricket committee in a few roles, Vice-President and then President, primarily due to involvement with the old 24 over evening cricket competition we used to run. 

“My motivation was that it was a prime example of how without volunteers doing roles like that, clubs will not exist.”

This understanding of the critical role volunteers play in sustaining community groups, especially in smaller towns like Clermont, has driven Rohan to continuously contribute to Clermont’s sporting and non-profit organisations.

“My volunteer commitments vary between both my own personal interests and that of what my family is involved in.

“When my kids were coming up through the Clermont Kindy and Daycare Centre, I joined the committee there for about 4 years until they’d moved up to primary school. 

“I’ve run the bar at a couple of the Clermont State School’s Bingo nights over the years and currently most Tuesday evenings volunteer to cook the BBQ at the Clermont Dolphins swimming club meets.

“My main volunteer role that consumes the biggest part of my time is my roles at the Clermont Golf Club. I joined as a committee member 5 years ago, then was voted in as Vice-President after the first year and then also got voted in (gently pushed) for the Club Captain role which I’m now in my 3rd year of and enjoying greatly.”

One of Rohan’s most impactful projects was the revitalisation of the Glencore Clermont Open Cut Community Golf Days.

QATCF 24.1 Rohan 2
Rohan at the 2023 Tieri Pro-Am Sponsors Day with mate and club sponsors All-Pro Chemical & Cleaning Supplies. (L-R) Rohan, Benny (Tieri), Brett (All-Pro), Darcy Boyd (PGA Pro) & Kerry (All-Pro).

“Throughout the months leading up to the event and with the help of dozens of amazing sponsors, we were able to host two epic community golf days.”

These events not only bring the community together but also raise substantial funds for local not-for-profit organisations.

“Over the 2 years we’ve hosted this, we’ve been able to contribute funds to a range of Clermont’s schools, kindy/daycare centre, various junior sports clubs, Men’s Shed, Meals on Wheels, RSL and also the CQ Rescue Helicopter which often flies directly over our house on its way to the local hospital.”

Rohan’s approach to encouraging community involvement is rooted in the understanding that volunteering not only benefits the community but also enriches the lives of those who give their time and effort. He is passionate about motivating others to volunteer, offering simple yet powerful advice.

“Have a look at any club or group you or your family are involved in and ask yourself how it would look if it had no volunteers?

“Reach out and get involved with your local organisations. There is always something there even if your time is limited outside of work and home life.”

Looking ahead, Rohan is focused on making the Clermont Golf Club’s upcoming events a success. He also hopes to inspire future generations in Clermont to embrace volunteering.

“If kids can grow an appreciation for those that put in the time and effort for clubs and organisations to be what they are, they can use that as motivation down the track.”

Rohan exemplifies the spirit of community engagement, reminding us of the difference one person can make in the lives of many.

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