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Lex Flack Coalface

Lex Flack’s journey from a seasoned sales representative to a devoted volunteer for Mackay Isaac Tourism captures a deep-seated passion for the Mackay Isaac region.

After retiring from his full-time role in 2005, Lex initially sought to volunteer in tourism, a venture that although started unassumingly at an airport stand, has blossomed into a profound commitment to promoting the area’s natural beauty and cultural richness.

Lex’s extensive knowledge of the district comes from years as a sales rep, traveling extensively from Koumala to Bowen and towns in between. This exposure not only deepened his appreciation for the area but also positioned him perfectly to advocate for its tourism potential. His personal and professional experiences ended in purchasing a general store at Eungella, nestled in the Clarke Range.

“Buying the store at Eungella really opened my eyes to the beauty of the Pioneer Valley and I’ve been in love with the area ever since.

“I often tell tourists that visiting The Pioneer Valley and Eungella isn’t just recommended, it’s compulsory if you want to experience the best of what this region has to offer.”

Aside from his advisory role at the kiosk, Lex is instrumental in logistical support for Mackay Isaac Tourism. He describes his role modestly.

“I’m mostly helping where needed, delivering brochures and topping up the stands at the airport. There always seems to be heaps of people coming and going there. At the Visitor Information Centre, it’s about being there, knowing the region and ensuring visitors get the information they need.”

Lex’s community involvement extends beyond tourism into sports, where he played a significant role in Mackay Tennis, contributing decades of service and leadership.

“For around 30 years, I was deeply involved in tennis, taking on every role from Secretary and Treasurer to President twice. During that time, we developed the complex at Harrup Park, transforming it from a modest setup with four granite courts to a premier facility boasting 13 all-weather courts and a high-quality clubhouse.

“My wife and I invested countless hours in organising tournaments, managing fixtures, and running the kiosk. Looking back, I am incredibly proud of the significant progress we made.”

Looking ahead, Lex is optimistic about the region’s prospects.

“Since amalgamation, we’ve seen just how diverse our region really is, from the sugar cane fields on the coast to the vast coal mines of the Bowen Basin. There’s just so much on offer here especially around nature tourism and so much potential for the future.”

Lex embodies the spirit of community and commitment to showcasing the Mackay Isaac region. His story is a vivid illustration of how individual dedication can illuminate the unique allure of a place, encouraging both locals and visitors to explore and appreciate its wonders.

As Lex says, “the real joy comes from sharing these experiences, making every encounter with tourists not just a moment of guidance but an opportunity to pass on my passion for discovering the hidden treasures found in the region.”


The Pioneer Valley to Eungella Lex stresses that a trip to this area is “compulsory” for experiencing the region’s best, advising visitors to allow a full day to soak in everything from Marian to Eungella. Be prepared for waterfalls and platypus.

Seaforth and Cape Hillsborough For coastal beauty, Lex recommends these spots for their stunning landscapes and wildlife. Especially seeing the wallabies at sunrise.

Hay Point Lookout Known for its panoramic views, this is a place Lex often suggests for breathtaking coastal vistas. From the viewing area you will see two separate coal terminals – the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal and the Hay Point Services Coal Terminal.

Eimeo Hotel Lex highlights this location for some of the best ocean views imaginable, making it a special recommendation for visitors.

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