Celebrating Liddell Underground

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This month, a get together reunion of the crew from Liddell Underground will celebrate the mine and the tight knit crew who ran it.

The proud 70-year heritage of Liddell Underground will be celebrated with a get together at Singleton RSL on March 27 starting at 12.30pm.

Past crew including Scott Brittliffe, Shane Hardy and Mick Dunn are pulling it all together to remember the good times, funny moments and other goings on not fit for publication. 

ATCF 29.1 Reunion 1

Scott said, “We were all proud to be a part of it and the lifelong friendships and memories made there will no doubt be discussed at length with plenty of laughs over a few drinks.”

It will be a great day to catch up and rekindle old friendships while remembering those no longer with us. 

To confirm numbers ring on Shane 0428761317 or Scott on 0419918327.

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