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Multitrade Coalface

Multitrade Building Hire have launched “The Solar Facility”, an innovative leap forward for sustainable portable building solutions.

James Steele, Multitrade Building Hire Operations Manager, sat down with @ The Coalface to talk about the new benchmark the business has set for sustainability and efficiency in off-grid operational environments.

The Solar Facility, designed in collaboration with solar and battery technology company, Red Earth, is a testament to Multitrade Building Hire’s continuous innovation, that started with a toilet…

“We developed our solar toilet about 12 years ago, so this is not a completely new area for us. However, the difference is the solar toilet doesn’t use a lot of power, whereas what we have achieved now is powering an entire facility completely on solar,” said James.

James said they’ve been working on the project for a decade, but only now have they been able to make it not just possible, but also cost effective, thanks to technological advances in recent years.

“Immediate site establishment is now a reality. There are no waiting periods for external services such as electrical and plumbing connections. Whether you need a satellite building or a commandment centre for breaking ground on a new project, this facility is made for you.”

Completely off-grid, the portable building is not just a workspace; it’s a self-contained power hub that gives substantial reductions in expenditures, such as generator rental and fuel. Initial costs for trade connections are also a thing of the past.

No generators mean no noisy humming outside the window either, making the building ideal for a focused workspace. Its broader 3.3m width provides plenty of space, able to seat twenty-two people comfortably, while the layout is versatile and can be customised as an office, crib room or even accommodation.

At the heart of The Solar Facility is a state-of-the-art solar battery system, comprised of 12 high-performance 390W solar panels and up to eight 4.1kWh Australian-made LFP Troppo batteries, ensuring ample energy storage and capture. More than enough to run all the necessities such as air conditioning, charging stations, microwave, refrigerator, potable water pump and grey water pump, plus internal and external LED lighting.

James said they have put a lot of thought into every part of the design, from the materials used to the high-efficiency appliances installed, to ensure a continuous and reliable supply and surplus, even when the sun stops shining.

Due to its innovation and sustainably, the project received support from the Australian Government’s AusIndustry Entrepreneurs Program and the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water.

“This project was about building something completely new and bringing it to market and we are grateful for the backing we received from AusIndustry and Red Earth.

“This is the way of the future. When our building turns up on site, forget having to worry about power or plumbing, it’s a complete turnkey solution.

“Not only that, but it is also an opportunity for businesses to have an operational environment that aligns seamlessly with their sustainability goals.”

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