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Gunnedah Business owners are finding inspiration and energy from each other. The Gunnedah Business Brekkie initiative has only been running for a few months yet has quickly shown it is addressing a need for business owners in the town.

The Gunnedah Business Brekkie is a casual and informal space where Gunnedah business owners can simply chat, find inspiration and bounce ideas off one another to generate a positive vibe that spreads through to the rest of the community. Its belief is that if everybody works together to promote their business and the businesses around them, they will inspire shoppers to shop and support Gunnedah, which has so much to offer.

The group is the idea of local business owner and lifestyle photographer Taylah Hudson. As a business owner, she is always seeking new and innovative approaches for her own business and help her maintain a high level of motivation. 

Last year, she travelled the four hours to Newcastle to attend a book launch of one her favourite authors Denise Duffield, “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch”. While networking at the event she ‘clicked’ with another business owner and then continued to travel to Newcastle to meet her for coffee. 

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Gunnedah Business Brekkie Founder Taylah Hudson

It was on one of her journeys back from Newcastle that Taylah had a light bulb moment – why did she need to travel to Newcastle to have a coffee? Surely there are people in her own community that she could connect with, share ideas, inspiration and feel energised?

She was right. There is.

The Gunnedah Business Brekkie aims to make a space for positive thought and language. Everyone who comes along is at the same level – whether new to business, a long-time business owner, sole trader or a company – all with the same desire to create good for the businesses in Gunnedah. 

“The power is in being positive” says Taylah “to balance the negatives. People are drawn to this feeling.”

“Being in business in a regional town can sometimes be tough, especially in times like this drought. You can feel that there aren’t people you can connect with and bounce ideas around. We want this to be a place of support, inspiration and motivation.”

The first Gunnedah Business Brekkie meeting in late September 2019 hosted 5 people. 24 businesspeople attended the February meeting, with almost 130 members in the private Facebook group that has also been created. Every meeting there is someone new, as well as regular attendees. 

What happens at the Business Brekkie meetings? 

Each meeting has a theme that aims to get business owners to think and thrive. For example, which social media platforms to use, when to boost a post, social media influencers. One meeting was about blogging, writing your story. While some do this easily, many tend to believe they can’t. Their homework was to give it a go and write their story and post in the Facebook group. 

Just a small task that has inspired some to start blogging regularly, connected people with services they did not know existed in Gunnedah and given others confidence, motivation and commitment to give things a go.

The Gunnedah Business Brekkie meets every fortnight on a Friday morning, 7.30 – 8.30 am. They visit a different local café each time, another great way to share business across the community. 

To find out more contact Taylah Hudson on 0459 475 555 or request to join the Facebook group

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