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Next time you find yourself visiting the beautiful town of Tamworth, NSW, you’ll want to stop by Williamsburg for some of the best burgers in the region.

Just like any visit to Tamworth is incomplete without a drive down Peel Street or a glimpse of the Golden Guitar, missing out on the burgers at Williamsburg is like eating a burger without a bun.

As soon as you walk through the doors of this hidden wonder you know from the gears on the ceiling that Williamsburg isn’t your ordinary burger joint. But when you sit down and look at the menu, you shall find your first and only problem with this place…so many options to choose from and only one stomach.

From the Mac N’ Schnit, a chicken schnitzel burger with streaky bacon, cheese, cheesy toasted potato fries, garlic butter, buttermilk dressing and Mac and Cheese; to the Burg-Coma with a beef patty, buttermilk fried chicken, double cheese, streaky bacon, pickles, beer battered onion rings, Williamsburg’s own special sauce, plus ketchup and liquid cheese; or any of the other dozen or so burger options; there’s a burger to suit everyone.

I went for a burger with bacon, cheese, meat patty, Mac & Cheese and a Pluto Pup to top it off and can’t begin to describe just how good it was.

All burgers on the menu are served with your choice of thick cut potato fries, onion rings or sweet potato wedges. There’s also a range of alternatives to each burger including vegan friendly, dairy free milk buns and potato buns and gluten free buns.

But it’s not just the burgers that are to die for at Williamsburg, the sides are worth it alone, especially the dirty fries and deep-fried prawn skewers.

And remember to save room for desserts like the deep-fried mars bar, waffle sundaes, gelato or for the more adventurous diner the WTF! Burger with buttermilk fried chicken, vanilla ice-cream and honey all on a toasted burger bun. 

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Wash it all down with a beverage with options including soft drinks and milkshakes or premium shakes for the kids and big kids alike. For the adults, beer, wine, and cocktails are on offer including my favourite, the ‘Party Starter’ share cocktails.

So next time you’re in Tamworth and deciding on dinner or lunch, try Tamworth’s first ever gourmet burger bar, family owned and locally operated since 2016.

Head to to check out their range.

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