A Miner’s Dream – to own a pub

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Jason and Mark’s purchase of the Keppel Sands Hotel has generated buzz in the small Central Queensland village. After a year of closure, locals were eagerly anticipating the reopening and the new owners delivered beyond expectations.

Having a rich 50-year history, the Keppel Sands Hotel holds great significance and Jason and Mark understand the importance of preserving this connection. The establishment has been transformed into a family-friendly venue, ensuring everything is safe and ready for patrons to flock back inside.

The building, showing signs of aging, has undergone extensive rejuvenation. One notable improvement is including a spacious dining area and a children’s room equipped with chocolate and soft toy/footy ball machines. Necessary repairs to damaged timbers and tiles throughout have been completed, as well as re-roofing the entire building bringing it up to standard. The bar fridges have been upgraded with energy-conserving LEDs and heated glass, preventing frost build-up and ensuring clear visibility of the contents for patrons.

Ensuring the comfort of customers in the hot, humid CQ climate, the pub now features ducted air conditioning. Double door entries are self-closing keeping the cool air inside and keeping insects, particularly sandflies, at bay, especially important during summer months.

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The revamped venue includes a main bar, new sports bar with big screens for televised sporting events, and soon-to-be-added TAB facility. Keno is also available. Additionally, there is the family dining area, a raised-roof verandah allowing better airflow for casual dining, a pool table and dartboard, and a beer garden with new outdoor furniture for locals to gather and socialise.

The kitchen has been polished to brand-new, complemented by dry-goods storage and cold room to ensure the highest level of freshness. The other buildings on the property, formerly a butcher, bakery, and general store, have been repurposed into a café/coffee shop and bottle-shop, with plans to open early June.

Attached accommodation is currently being refurbished, including one unit with full disabled access. They have exciting plans to promote the venue as a function centre for celebrating weddings and other significant milestones. Offering accommodation on-site makes this decision even more popular among patrons.

Both Jason and Mark have invested financially and contributed physical effort, undertaking most repair work themselves. The scarcity of tradies and materials presented challenges, delaying the reopening, but their extensive building and construction experience proved invaluable.

Jason’s managerial expertise from his oil and gas/mining background complements Mark’s construction and business acumen, demonstrated by his successful Gold Coast Building Company. By employing a mix of experienced and inexperienced staff, they aim to create a close-knit team dedicated to the success of the venture as a community hub.

When they decided to take on this project, Jason and Mark asked themselves, “What’s the worst that could happen? Keppel Sands definitely has potential.” They devoted themselves to ensuring success and view the pub as more than just a place to drink; rather, an opportunity to invest in local community, providing a family-friendly venue and function centre for a wide range of events.

Jason and Mark have done an exceptional job refurbishing the hotel. They have successfully transformed it into a family-friendly venue prioritising safety, comfort, and community connection.

Jason and Mark’s commitment to the project’s success is evident in the quality of their work. The reopening of the Keppel Sands Hotel is welcome, serving not only as a pub but also a vital contributor to the growth and development of the local community.

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