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A bloomin’ hard act to follow



Suzie Messner from the Bloomfield Group has been one of the mining industry’s staunchest community champions and a huge part of the @ The Coalface story. As she bids farewell to the industry this month, we just want to say thanks.

After many years of work at Bloomfield, Suzie has announced her retirement. She has been a great support and voice of both guidance and common sense to this publication and countless important community and industry initiatives and the industry and community are all the better for what she has achieved over the years.

As Community Liaison Officer for Bloomfield she has worked with countless local charity groups, local business organisations and local government initiatives. Never one to suffer fools or seek the limelight, her quiet but tenacious determination and warmth has seen her make a significant contribution.

No-one in the industry who has worked with Bloomfield, participated in the Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue, or worked for the many other charities Suzie was involved with will easily forget her. 

Glen Parsons from the Cancer Council was just one person keen to tell us of her contribution, “Suzie has been the inspiration and lifeblood of our partnership with The Bloomfield Group for many years and in many ways. She was both the instigator and inspiration in many of the fundraising projects that Bloomfield Group participated in with the Cancer Council. Suzie has been a hard-working advocate and promoter of us and many others and for that we are truly thankful for efforts and wish her all the best.”

Her work in support of the coal Industry and its many challenges and successes have been significant. Often in this industry we hear from people whose words speak louder than their actions, but for this very quiet achiever her actions have always far exceeded her words.

Enjoy the next chapter Suzie! Thanks for everything.

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