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Lest We Forget



On June 27, the Singleton RSL Sub-Branch (NSW)
commemorated 100 years of service to the Singleton
To commemorate this remarkable occasion a celebration was held on June
23 at the at Singleton Diggers Club. It was an incredible day filled with
emotion and pride. During the centenary service, David Walker, an ex-
serviceman, proud Singleton resident and historian, presented to the
Singleton RSL Sub-Branch President Glenn Mount, a book detailing
Singleton’s Military History.
David spent over 11 years researching and documenting this incredible
book. His only aim was to ensure that Singleton’s local military heritage
journey would not be lost to future generations.
The book is a significant piece of work detailing Singleton’s proud military
history for the past 153 years and it will help ensure that the sacrifice made by
the thousands of Singleton men and women who served over the years is not
David said it all started when he helped a few people look up some family
history. “I was asked to track down some information and so I started talking
to people and doing some research. The stories kept growing and growing
and before long I had a collection.”
“When I realised the 100-year anniversary was coming up, I decided to put
everything together into a book to commemorate the occasion. That’s when it
got hard. I’d gathered so much material and trying to collate it and include all
the stories was a real battle. I know I haven’t been able to tell every story and
I apologise to all those I have missed.”
Thanks to a generous financial sponsorship from Glencore, David was
able to have 100 books produced to gift to the Singleton RSL Sub-
Branch (NSW) with the condition that all proceeds received for the book
to be used for name update, construction, maintenance and
preservation of Singleton LGA Military Service Memorials.
David’s time and hard work was completely voluntary and he’s reluctant to
accept any praise. “It’s not about me,” he says. “It’s about remembering the
people who served.” Well seeing as you are also one of those people David,
we thank and salute you!
If you would like to purchase a book contact the Singleton RSL Sub Branch.
Let their name liveth forever more. Lest we Forget.

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