Take a Jump

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This month I headed with the kids to Gravity X at Rutherford to teach them a thing or two about trampolining old school style.

In my day trampolines were death traps. Basically, a piece of elastic material held down by feet gouging springs and if you didn’t break an arm or two jumping on one when you were a kid then you weren’t doing it right.

These days, a trampoline is as safe as a padded cell in the loony bin and the only thing dangerous about one is a windy day when all the stupid safety netting acts like a giant sail and your whole trampoline ends up in the neighbours yard.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand as I’m not here to whine about how mollycoddled kids are these days, but instead to let you know about a whole new way of trampolining that is sure to please the young and old alike.

Gravity X is just one of the latest indoor trampolining parks that are popping up all over the world and proving to be very popular. Especially to personal injury insurance lawyers…

Rows and rows of inbuilt trampolines all over the floor and even the walls make for plenty of bouncy, jumping, flipping and falling fun. No sooner than the kids were given the all clear to hit the floor then they took off jumping.

At a more sedate pace I bounced my way across the floor, running through my old repertoire of tricks in my mind. What would I show off first? The traditional forward somersault, my signature back flip? It had been more than a few years since I’d done any, but surely it’s like riding a bike. Right?

Wrong. As I landed flat on my back with both the wind and my pride knocked out of me, I realised that just maybe it was time to finally grow up and start acting like a responsible parent.

So, I headed over to the cafeteria, got myself a coffee and spent the next hour browsing Facebook and completing ignoring the kids while they ran wild.

As we headed home, the kids were exhausted, but they’d had an amazing time and were already pestering me to go back. They couldn’t stop raving about who did the biggest jump, who’d fallen over and I’m pretty sure I only imagined them sniggering at me behind my back.

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