Supplier Insider – Mine Super – Tony Butterfield

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Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Tony Butterfield, and I work as Employer Engagement Manager at Mine Super. Mine Super is an industry super fund for mining and related industries, and we’ve been supporting members and their families for over 75 years. As a public offer fund, my primary role is to manage and foster supportive relationships with our employers while building and developing relationships with new employers. One of the aspects I focus on is improving employers’ awareness of the importance of financial literacy amongst the workforce and offering opportunities onsite to better educate their staff around the importance of retirement planning.

Where do you come from?
I’ve had many years as a professional sportsman before establishing the NRL players association upon retirement. Living in the Hunter for more than 30 years I’ve also been active in private, non-profit and community sectors, with the past 9 years at Mine Super.

What’s the best thing about your business?
Helping educate employers that improving the financial well-being of their workforce is indeed worthy of their time and support. In the same way employers assist their people around physical and mental challenges, many are now seeing the benefits of a third element, financial education, as a means of improving productivity, safety and retention amongst staff.

What’s the big news in your part of the mining industry right now?
With increased regulation there is a bigger focus on funds being compliant and a push to improve member engagement practices and governance. We agree with these changes and believe it will ensure there are better member outcomes.

What’s the biggest opportunity for your business right now?
I believe there’s real opportunities for closer engagement with our members given the challenging economic environment. We understand mining and the unique needs of our members and aim to empower them with the information they need to make informed decisions. We want to talk to all of them to make sure they are organised, on track, and confident for the future. We want to help members understand the importance of super and show them how to prepare for their future.

What are the biggest challenges for your business?
Navigating the challenges and uncertainty created by ongoing regulatory reform and the shifting super landscape are the biggest challenges at the moment. Constant change undermines consumer confidence in the super system, so we need to remind our members of the importance of financial planning so they can achieve their financial goals.

How long in business in the Valley?
The Fund was established in 1941.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I think creating hope and confidence. Seeing members and their families take control of their financial future is a powerful motivator for me.

The worst thing?
Seeing missed opportunities that could have been fixed if members had the right financial advice to help guide decisions to maximise their financial well-being.

Best thing about your company?
The people. Most have history and family in the mining space, so are down to earth and genuinely care about improving the prospects of our members.


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