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Tell us about the business.

CE Group is an industry leader, delivering electrical and engineering solutions to complex projects across the mining, infrastructure and industrial sectors throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific.

Founded in 2000, the business has experienced strategic and significant growth. This growth can be attributed to the adaptability, persistence, and diversification of markets the business operates in. As a business, we aim to set the bar for innovation, deliverability, and quality. We have a genuine focus on understanding and exceeding our client expectations, which translates to longstanding relationship-first partnering with our clients, supply chain and community.

This people-first ethos can be found at the centre of our business, our staff. We pride ourselves on the collective experience and high-quality performance our people bring to each unique project. Complemented with a strong history of successfully delivering some of the industry’s most challenging projects, our clients are met with an end user mindset to quality, design, and functionality. This complements our whole-of-life vision for our clients and operating as their partner of choice, every time.

How long have you been doing business?

The business was established, 26 July 2000 and has been strategically and steadily evolving ever since. With multiple offices across Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific CE Group has a presence in Central Queensland that can be felt from Mackay, out to Bowen Basin and down to Gladstone, with project highlights in between. It wasn’t until 2020 that the growth took the team to Mackay and establish an industry recognised name that translated to reliability and quality for our clients.

How many people work for the business?

There are 250+ employees across NSW, QLD and PNG operations.

Describe a typical day at ‘The office’.

Like most in the industry, no two days are the same. Through agility and adaptability, the teams are able to mobilise staff promptly, provide design solutions or engineering support to clients where it matters most, and of course, send their fair share of emails.

What’s the best thing about the business?

It would be impossible to name just one. But a few highlights would be our collective experience in the team, diversity and complexity of projects delivered, and of course, clients, community and supply chain partners.

What are the biggest challenges facing your business?

At present, supply chain demands and acquiring quality trade staff that are seeking longevity.

What is the biggest opportunity for your business right now?

The pipeline of projects upcoming and attracting the right people to undertake the business vision.

What is the business most proud of?

The business started as an industrial and commercial electrical contractor. Through diversity and strategic growth, quality staff attraction CE Group has been able to evolve and succeed in sectors such as Mining and Energy, Infrastructure Services, break into PNG and more.

Community or other causes close to its heart and values?

CE Group advocates for a positive mental health workplace, this is clear through the long-term partnership with LIVIN Organisation, hosting events to educate around mental health and their commitment to providing employees with work-life balance and additional 2 paid wellness days a year the team can utilise however they wish.

Any employees that deserve a shout out?

All CE Group team members! Thank you for your unwavering support, dedication to going the extra mile and delivering high quality works to each project. Not to mention the experience you offer to all clients.

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