SUPPLIER INSIDER: Australian Filter Services

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Tell us about the business?

Australian Filter Services is a Singleton based business specialising in filtration and lubrication covering all aspects of mining equipment, heavy haulage, agriculture and general automotive.

We clean all size and types of air filters; offer a fast and reliable pickup and delivery service; and specialise in all filter equipment and servicing supplies.

How long have you been doing business?

The company has been in business for 22 years servicing NSW. It is driven by an experienced team that has a wealth of industry knowledge spanning over 35 years.

How many people work for the business?

A team of 9 from various trade backgrounds that bring a wide range of skills and industry knowledge that ensures the quality of workmanship we produce.

Describe a typical day at ‘The office’.

The facility hums all day long with the cleaning of air filters, picking and packing of outgoing orders and dispatching of our delivery drivers on their daily runs. Our sales division work closely with our customers to provide the right product, assemble customised service kits and maintain constant stock supply.

What’s the best thing about the business?

Saving our customers money and time; a fast and reliable pickup and delivery service; a quality product every time; comprehensive product knowledge; customised filter service kits to suit your specific needs; the only air filter cleaning provider in the country to offer our customers with the choice of wet washed or sonic dry clean methods; over 700,000 filters cleaned to date with industry leading quality assurance testing.

The worst thing?

Constantly striving to improve our systems and performance to the advantage of our customers and the drive to be better than we were yesterday means a never ending ‘to do list’… (Oh yeah, and the dust!)

What are the biggest challenges facing your business?

Educating businesses to view their filters as assets rather than consumables.

What is the biggest opportunity for your business right now?

Businesses aligning themselves with sustainable development goals and the exceptional product knowledge of our filter sales division that provide a level of service not previously offered in the Hunter Valley.

What is the business most proud of?

The rapport we have with our customers, the service we provide, working with a passionate team, amazing support from our suppliers and the constant development we have within our facility.

Community or other causes close to its heart and values?

Collaborating with the local high school Work Experience Program to provide the opportunity for school leavers to develop foundational skills to enter the workforce.

Anything to share?

Our Vision: To create a world where industry respects environment. Being passionate about our planet is at the heart of what we do.

Any employees that deserve a shout out?

Anthony – Work Experience Extraordinaire

Hayden – Master Sonic Operator

Dave – Fanatical Filter Technician/Driver

Olivia – All Round Eco Warrior

Toni – Communications Queen

Peter – Logistics Legend

Graeme – Fearless Leader

Phil and Michael – Sales Division Gurus

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