Steak Out

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When it comes to food reviews, and especially steak reviews, it’s the one time in our office its open warfare between the boys!

We pleaded our cases, unsuccessfully tried arm wrestling, but eventually the decision was made using a time honoured method – rocks, scissors, paper. I crushed my opposition with rock and with that I was off to Muswellbrook and the new On Par Steakhouse restaurant.

On Par Steakhouse located at the Muswellbrook Golf Course is what the people of the Upper Hunter have been needing for a long long time!

Speaking with a local who has already become a regular in the short time they’ve been open, he tells me “I’ve never had a bad meal there” and that “just the thought of my weekly visit to tantalise my taste buds is what gets me through the week.”

It is unfair that most of you will be stuck at work reading this eating stale sandwiches while you can only ogle the photos. What you can do though is make the call now and book a table because I’m telling you the steaks are A-mazing and are cooked to perfection. If ribs are your preference, you must experience the Sticky Smokey BBQ Pork Ribs, we insist. If steak isn’t your thing and you’re a vego tagging along, I’m pretty sure there’s a fresh garden salad on the menu.

But I’m not here for salad. I’m here for the Bronco Challenge.

Consisting of a 330gram steak, 2 sausages, half rack of ribs, 6 wings, corn on the cobb, crunchy slaw and fries, plus ice cream, this is not for the faint hearted. You get 30mins to get it all in and then you get the glory of your name up on the bread breakers board.

When I showed up I was devastated to learn that I needed to pre-order and it was only available at dinner. I consoled myself with ordering the mighty half kilo T-Bone and what can I say but succulent, tasty, mouth-watering, juicy…well you get the picture.

Open for Lunch 11.30am – 2.30pm and Dinner from 5.30pm, grab the family, friends or work colleagues and book in now! And be sure to tag us on Instagram with your Bronco Challenge Prize “if” you can do it that is!

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