Soar like a Bird

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We have all dreamt of flying like a bird and that’s exactly what I did when I went Hang-Gliding off Strzelecki Lookout, Newcastle earlier this month.

A stunning sunlit day with a perfect wind for flying saw me take a leap off the cliffs of Strzelecki Lookout for the experience of a lifetime. Air Sports Newcastle gave me the opportunity to enjoy a tandem Hang-Glide over the picturesque cliffs and local Bar and Newcastle Beaches.

Instructor and United States National Hang-Gliding Champion Tony Barton showed me the ropes and strapped me in. After a bit of direction and me absolutely crapping myself, off we went. Running off the cliff we took off into the wind and over the ocean, a thrill that I will never forget.

I’ll admit, the only hurdle is trusting yourself to let your body hang into the secure harness, but the sooner you relax the better the experience. As I started to settle into my harness and release my tight grip of the bar in front, I took in what can only be described as a magical view. Seeing everything from up there, a birds-eye view as they say, just floating through the sky was like a dream.

ATCF 46 Hang Gliding 2
ATCF 46 Hang Gliding 3

As we glided through the air, we made our way towards Newcastle Beach, overlooking the city along the way. We then made a loop back towards Bar Beach, passing over the lookout, Memorial Walk and Susan Gilmore Beach with Bar Beach in sight. 

After a few minutes, my instructor Tony gave me the controls and taught me how it’s done, a daunting yet exhilarating experience. And no, I didn’t make us crash to my surprise. 

Thirty minutes of pure bliss passed, which honestly felt like a lifetime, and it was time to make our landing on a nearby oval. “Try to run as we land and stay standing if you can,” Tony said as I again felt those initial nerves kick in. If anyone was going to stack the landing, it was going to be me.

ATCF 46 Hang Gliding 4

One massive loop around the field later, and to my surprise we came to a running stop and landed on the ground comfortably without a single fall. The entire experience was amazing and to be completely honest was one of the coolest things I have ever done. 

While flying in and around the Newcastle area, Air Sports use a number of different flying sites. From coastal ridges to the inland mountains of the Watagan National Forest, the scenery is breathtaking at every site. 

All instructors are advanced, certified tandem instructors so you know you’re in for a safe and fun flight. 

You have to give Hang Gliding a go, it’s an experience of a lifetime!

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