OPINION – Mining responsibly, for today and tomorrow

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The NSW Minerals Council has launched the next phase of our state-wide ‘Responsible Mining’ advertising campaign. The campaign highlights how people working in our industry mine responsibly for today and tomorrow. 

Tens of thousands of people work in mining in NSW, making a vital contribution. Some help produce the gold, copper, silver, nickel, lead, zinc, mineral sands, rare earths and more needed for technology, and the industries of the future. Others work in coal mining, producing high-quality coal used here and overseas for energy and for steelmaking. Many thousands more work in the hundreds of other occupations needed to keep our industry operating at a world-class level.

Our ‘Responsible Mining’ campaign will help share the passion, innovation, and world-leading practices of people working in our industry, helping to inform the public about what we do and how we do it.

The campaign highlights many of our passionate miners working in regional NSW like Bill Baxter, an environmental specialist in the Hunter Valley.

“We’ve got an incredible story to tell from our achievements and leading practice… to the way we’re meeting new responsibilities now and into the future.

There’s been so much positive change in our industry. From how we mine, to what we mine. There’s new technology like remote controlled vehicles for safer operations, drones for efficient environmental monitoring, AI and more.”

These are just some of the stories that we will continue to tell as an industry.  The new campaign will screen on commercial TV, streaming services, YouTube, social media and more.

Stephen Galilee, CEO, NSW Minerals Council

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