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The Moolarben Coal Maintenance team are proudly wearing their bright and colourful TradeMutt shirts onsite in support of the ‘Not weak to speak Wednesday’ initiative.

Speaking about mental health is something that is encouraged every day, however employees at Moolarben Coal have taken it a step further, introducing ‘Not weak to speak Wednesday’, an awareness day to help start the conversation amongst employees. 

The shirts are not only bringing a pop of colour to the site, but they also have a QR Code inside the top pocket which directs the individual to TIACS (This Is a Conversation Starter) number, which is a free mental health counselling service for them or their family and friends to access. 

Moolarben Coal General Manager, Brian Wesley recognised the importance of this initiative onsite.

“The health and well-being of our people is an absolute priority across all of our operations. 

ATCF 22.1 Moolarben 1

“When our people wear these shirts, they are making it clear to everyone that they are open to chatting about mental health and taking on the responsibility to act with authenticity, empathy and in a nonjudgmental way.

“This is a fantastic initiative that can have a significant positive impact on our people. We hope it not only raises awareness but also encourages important conversations about mental health,” said Brian.

TradeMutt is a social impact workwear brand, by tradies for tradies. They make eye-catching workwear designed to start conversations about mental health, helping make an invisible issue impossible to ignore.

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