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Caterpillar ® is on a quest to find the best equipment operator in the world. Could it be you or someone you know?

Think you have what it takes behind the controls? The 2022-2023 Cat Global Operator Challenge (GOC) is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to show off your speed, agility and accuracy in a series of skilled based tests on a variety of Cat machines.

More than 10,000 operators from 30 countries competed in the first-ever Global Operator Challenge in 2019-2020 — with Canadian Jaus Neigum taking home the ‘best in the world’ title at the finals held at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. Now it’s time to for an Aussie to claim the title.

WesTrac’s Alister Cant, General Manager – Construction Industries, said the feedback from the first Global Operator Challenge was overwhelmingly positive. “I attended the final in Las Vegas with customers in March 2020, and there was a good buzz around seeing and hearing the equipment in operation at a trade show,” said Alister.

“The second event for 2022/23 promises to be much larger with more dealers participating in the local and regional finals.”

The first step to earning the ‘best in the world’ title is signing up for our local Operator Challenge event held at Westrac NSW. At the knockout heat, you’ll be put you through your paces with an array of challenges on different machines. Should you be within the top scoring competitors, you’ll then progress to the regional finals to be held in Newcastle in early September.

Caterpillar will then fly the winner from the regional event to Japan in October for the Asia Pacific final. The winner from there will then be on their way to the grand final at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas in 2023 where Caterpillar will crown one operator world champion. Will it be you?

Each local Operator Challenge includes a unique combination of events designed to put your agility, resilience, versatility and technology skills to the test. Here’s a quick look at the type of challenges you may encounter.

ATCF 8.1 CAT 3
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  • The Big Dig – Dig a trench to grade using 2D technology
  • The Dig N Swing – Move material to target weight or pass count
  • The Load & Go – Load, dump & return to hit payload/pass count
  • Precision Tracktor – Manouevre a dozer through a pre-set course
  • Motor Greater – Master blade actuation & material control
  • Backhoe or Bust – Move & place objects to achieve set targets
  • Mini-Masters – ‘Play’ the course & put the ball in the hole
  • Stay on Track – Showcase balance & material control skills
ATCF 8.1 CAT 4

Alister explained why it’s so important to recognise the skills of operators in a challenge like this: “You can design and deliver the safest, most productive and most efficient products and technology in the world, to deliver gains which could go unrealised if the operator doesn’t apply the tools.”

“This is an opportunity to celebrate the operators who get the most out of their equipment.

“The WesTrac Institute has developed a range of operator training courses for equipment and technology, we have also invested in equipment purchases for the sole purpose of training our customers, this is a great opportunity for WesTrac to recognise the skills developed by some of our current and future customers.”

ATCF 8.1 CAT 1
What are you waiting for? Sign up today and take the first step towards claiming the title of ‘Best in the World’! https://www.cat.com/en_AU/campaigns/event/operator-challenge.html NSW/ACT Heats will take place in Newcastle. Heat 1: July 6-7.  Heat 2: August 10-11. Registrations close Sunday 31 July (NSW/ACT).

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