Keeping a Low Profile

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In recent articles I’ve focused on the popular off-road dump truck colloquially known as the artic. Ranging in size from 25t through to 60t, these rugged off-roaders can traverse areas that off-road rigid dump trucks are generally unable to contend with. 

Available in a range of configurations, artic dump trucks offer owners an array of options with reference to applications and have been used as concrete mixers, container trucks, hook loaders as well as water and service trucks to name but a few. 

Despite their attractiveness, miners have become increasingly conscious of their safety in regard to stability and challenges experienced with rollovers. Albeit the introduction of stability assist systems in some models, manufacturers and service providers have increasingly focused on innovations that assist in reducing the incidence and frequency of accidents.

One such innovation relates to water trucks, specifically the design of the tank and distribution of weight with reference to the centre of gravity. The Taipan water tank manufactured by AES Equipment Solutions in Western Australia is a tank that ticks all the right boxes.

Owned and operated by NRW Holdings, AES specialises in welding and fabrication offering asset refurbishment, blast and paint services, mechanical and electrical repairs as well as water, service and tipper modules. 

Designed internally, AES’ water tanks have been tried, tested and refined over many years having been deployed in field by NRW before being distributed to the open market under the Taipan brand. Known for their build quality, there’s a lot to like about these water tanks when compared with other options available in the market. 

Immediately recognisable for their low profile, the Taipan’s are a good-looking tank with a clear design focus to aesthetics, serviceability and safety

Sporting a low centre of gravity, these tanks are instantly recognisable with the tank’s wheel arch overhanging low over the front and back of the rear wheels, stainless steel combing along the side of the tank concealing all piping and rear stairwell with handrails leading to the upper deck of the tank. Supplied in a plug and play format, these tanks can be fitted (and commissioned) to a truck within three hours and come complete with control module, magnum sprays, safety rails and hydraulically driven water cannon.

At 32,000L capacity, the volume of this tank is class leading and with their low profile and good looks are a hit among rental providers and contractors running large fleets of water trucks. In Australia the Cat 740/740B is unquestionably the target market for this tank with a large percentage of heavy earthmovers opting for this arrangement. Combined with their reliability and proven track record in some of the harshest conditions in Western Australia, it’s no wonder they’re so desirable. 

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