HVO Support Local Ambos

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Hunter Valley Operations (HVO) have generously donated 15 pulse oximeters to St John Ambulance, Singleton Division.

Pulse oximeters are a vital piece of medical equipment that enable trained volunteers to take prompt and accurate medical observations of people suffering from illness or injury.

This equipment will also be used to teach St John Ambulance adult and youth members how to measure oxygen saturation levels which help to determine when a patient requires oxygen therapy.

“Pulse oximeters can have a significant impact on the outcome of medical emergencies,” said Emerson Worthington, St John Ambulance, Singleton Combined Division Acting OIC.

“The entire team at St John Ambulance, Singleton Division, would like to thank Hunter Valley Operations for this vital donation.”

HVO’s donation will benefit all of those in the community who seek help from St John Ambulance at local events.

If you are interested in learning first aid and volunteering with St John Ambulance, call Emerson on 0421686743.

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