Hitting Heights for Headspace

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Daniel Robinson and some of the crew from Bulga Coal are taking on an epic challenge to raise money for Headspace.

Daniel’s day job is an Open Cut Examiner at Bulga Coal but in his spare time he’s one of those adventure seeking people who make you tired just talking to them. From competing in Ninja Warrior to tackling the 24-hour obstacle challenge True Grit, he’s up for a challenge. Now he’s roped in a few of his work colleagues and on October 28 they will be running up and down Mt Tomaree. For 12 hours.

For a little extra icing on top they will be completing 40 pushups at the peak of each climb. We asked Daniel what on earth made him want to spend 12 straight hours going up and down a grade 5 listed trail.

“It was one of my fellow workmates that was the reason behind this,” explains Daniel. “After a hip replacement he need the right motivation to train and so we came up with the idea to do this. We then decided to fundraise for Headspace and turn it into an opportunity to do something good for others.”

Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation that provides early intervention mental health services to young people aged between 12 to 25. Every year they help thousands of young people access vital support through their services such as online and phone counselling, vocational services and visiting schools. Whether it be mental or physical health, alcohol and other drug services or work and study support, their aim is to help young people get back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future.

“For everyone we work with, our friends and our families, mental health is a big issue. It’s not just us adults either. More and more children are struggling with mental health, so we decided to do this for Headspace. We would love to raise as much money as we can for this great organisation and also help to raise awareness and remind people to check in with each other,” shared Daniel.

Joining Daniel on the challenge is Klintyn Dawson, Christie Lynch, Kane O’Meley, Lailah Orr and Sawle English. At 7pm on October 28, the team will don their headlamps and begin. As night shift workers they will be in their element completing the majority of the trek in the dark. The team will all be going at their own pace though Daniel said he is aiming for at least 20 laps. Considering it takes the average person an hour to complete 1 lap, completing 20 in the 12 hours will be no small feat.

To the whole team, we wish them the best of luck. Show your support to their fantastic cause by making a donation through their fundraising page.

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