Here’s the drill.

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A few years ago, Quarry Mining got one of its first big breaks in the mining industry thanks to the Gunnedah/Narrabri industry and Whitehaven. Building success on success ever since, the company has just stepped up again buying respected drilling equipment company Alminco.

We’ve been following the fortunes of Quarry for a long time now and in our humble opinion they are one of the best suppliers to the mining industry in existence. They’re also some of the nicest people to ever pull on the hi-vis. So it is with great pride we talked to excited head honcho Kari Armitage about their latest expansion.

Kari told us, “Quarry Mining is so proud to announce its acquisition of Alminco Pty Ltd. Since 1978, Alminco has been a highly respected name in the coal mining industry suppling quality machinery.”

“Quarry Mining is now the proud owner of the Alminco product range including the Gopher Roofbolter. We are also now the exclusive distributor of the Clark Eagle Drill. Having OEM status over this equipment will complement and enhance our drilling consumables range and give Quarry Mining the largest hire fleet of intrinsically safe handheld bolting and grouting pneumatic equipment in Australia.”

ATCF 10.2 Quarry 2 1

She continued, “Building this type of machinery specific to our mining industries conditions is something we want to continue to do in Australia to ensure our mine workers are using the safest and best tools for their purpose. Furthermore, it allows for good engineering trades to continue in our area and give good career opportunities for local people.”

Success it built on hard work and making the best of the opportunities available to you. Quarry Mining well and truly have both of those bases covered. Congrats guys! Keep up the good work. 

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