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Whitehaven Coal’s Gunnedah Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) recently achieved a remarkable milestone as it marked 4000 Lost Time Incident (LTI) free days. This is equivalent to approximately 11 years without a Lost Time Incident, showcasing the team’s unwavering commitment to creating a safe and secure work environment.

Production Superintendent Derek Welsh said the achievement of 4000 LTI-free days is a testament to the strong leadership and safety processes that have been diligently maintained within the CHPP.

“I strongly believe that this achievement is the result of a work culture based on hard work and commitment to teamwork, strong inter-team support, personal ownership of systems and continuous improvement.

“The team’s commitment to safety remains unwavering, even in the face of various challenges, including handling different coal types, increased production operations, and ongoing maintenance work that requires extended hours.

“Operators at the CHPP do not take shortcuts and they understand that safety is paramount,” said Derek.

Whitehaven’s commitment to Zero Harm remains at the forefront of all of its operations. To maintain this impressive safety record, the CHPP conducts regular safety reviews and inspections, and the team is focused on continuing their impressive streak.

The entire workforce at the CHPP is understandably proud of this achievement, which reflects their shared commitment to creating a workplace where every employee goes home safely every day. The milestone also serves as a reminder of the importance of their continuous efforts to maintain the high safety standards they have set.

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