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Clermont is in the spotlight as the backdrop for a new Channel 7 Mate series, Adventure Gold Diggers. The first episode aired on October 3 and is also available on the 7 Plus App.

To celebrate the series premiere, a special launch event was held at the Commercial Hotel in Clermont where the first two episodes were shown, giving viewers an intimate look into the lives and operations of five different gold prospecting teams.

Leigh McGrath from Golden Prospecting Tours in Clermont is among the featured personalities in this series.

“On the show there are teams from across Australia showcasing different mining methods and places where you can go prospecting and find gold. The audience really gets to experience the highs and the lows of each team’s journey,” shared Leigh.

“There are two teams from Clermont, we are the Clermont Diggers, Dennis Plant’s team are the Rookies.

“Our team is not just about digging up the earth. We run tours. We’re teaching people how to find gold, showing them how to use the machines and different pieces of equipment. There are also rules and places you cannot use a metal detector which is a very important aspect.

“Our story in the back end is more about how we’ve worked through all the different government departments and red tape to get approvals to allow us to provide a tourism experience on a real working gold mine.

“The process has been quite lengthy with processes and procedures needing to be modified for the new Mining Tourism Permits. Once the format is simplified these permits will open further tourism and economic benefits to not just our region, but all over Queensland. Our outback country towns need support and new business to help generate work and incomes to keep them alive. Pioneering a project like this may just do a little to help bring the money into town.”

Leigh’s plans for three more locations are in full swing with tours starting mid-November in Gympie, Warwick and Northern NSW. A fourth Victorian property is still being finalised.

QATCF 14 Gold 2
Leigh teaching kids to pan

Leigh got involved with the series after a past interview with Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel.

“The producer reached out. He’s done shows all around the world. The idea was to create something real, not scripted. That’s what drew me in.

“It’s not like we’re actors; we’re miners. The camera captures what we do, and that’s what makes it real.

“We’ve got a six-episode season. You’ll see hardships, you’ll see good days, and you’ll definitely see some good gold finds,” Leigh revealed.

“People come here to Clermont from all over the world to look for gold, it’s not just locals. It’s a different kind of tourism that we offer. I hope this show encourages more people to come out here.”

The show has received significant attention for capturing the essence and challenges of gold prospecting and showing viewers a taste of the ups and downs that come with the profession.

“Gold fever is a real thing. No one’s ever seen that bit of gold that you’ve taken out of the ground, because it’s taken millions of years to come to the surface,” Leigh said with enthusiasm.

“You hit lean times, and you hit good times. You find some good nuggets, and then things break. It’s just what happens.”

Adventure Gold Diggers shines a spotlight on the real heroes of gold prospecting. More than just a show, it’s an invitation to join an age-old quest for treasure, grounded in grit, community, and the pursuit of golden dreams.

For those compelled to dig deeper, Golden Prospecting Tours offers a first-hand experience into the world of gold hunting.

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