Facing Floods

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Heavy rainfall over the past few weeks has seen extensive flooding in the North West region. We had a chat with the region’s locals to discuss the impact the floods have had and how they’ve stayed connected with their community.

“I work at Maules Creek Coal and have been impacted by the floods as the road to Boggabri has been cut off between Gunnedah and Boggabri and the access road to site is underwater also. I’ve stayed up to date with what’s happening in the community via the community Facebook pages although where we live isn’t directly affected by the flood waters.”

  • Tim Milburn, Mining.
GATCF 15 Tim Milburn
Photo credit: Tim Milburn

“I live in Boggabri. I work for John Holland on the Inland Rail Project. The floods have meant my daughter can’t get to school from Boggabri to Gunnedah, and all of us in Boggabri have been sending the latest river levels and storm updates to each other to keep everyone informed of what’s happening. All of the mines are shut out here, and the roads closed from the South have meant supplies haven’t been able to get through to the shops we do have in Boggabri.”

  • Kristian Hancock, Transport and Rail.
GATCF 15 Kristian Hancock
Photo credit: Kristian Hancock

“I work as an Underground Operator at Narrabri Underground. I have been unable to get to work all week due to the flooding in the Namoi River isolating me at home. My little farm in extremely wet! I’ve stayed connected to our community via Facebook viewing everyone’s flood photos and ringing my mates to compare rainfall totals and check they are okay.”

  • Jason Harris, Mining.
GATCF 15 Jason Harris
Photo credit: Jason Harris

“We are lucky that the flood has not impacted on us directly, but it has on family and friends. Surgery cancelled due to roads being cut, crops left in the field as heavy equipment cannot get onto the paddock to harvest, family members not able to come to town to visit, classes at the Community College cancelled as our teacher lives on flooded property and ongoing scheduled roadwork affected and I daresay a lot of repairs when the flood waters recede.”

  • Shirley Palmer, Retired.
GATCF 15 Shirley Palmer
Photo credit: Shirley Palmer

“I work at Whitehaven Maules Creek mine. I’ve been unable to go to work due to Maules Creek being totally shut down due to roads being totally flooded and not accessible. Me and my family are not in a flood affected area in Gunnedah but we have been in close contact with people we know in the affected areas via mobile phone if they need any assistance at all and have been reassuring them we are only a phone call away if they need assistance.”

  • Nick Towe, Mining.
GATCF 15 Nick Towe 1
Photo credit: Nick Towe

“The water rose a lot quicker than we were expecting. We currently have a lot of our things in our boats under our house, and up high on shelving etc. We were able to kayak some washing up the street to my sister who was able to wash it for us. Luckily so far, we have been able to get by with what supplies we have at home. The water has caused a fair bit of damage to a few things but nothing that can’t be replaced. We are safe and that’s all that matters.”

  • Jamee Ovington, Hospitality.
GATCF 15 Jamee Ovington
Photo credit: Jamee Ovington

“The town is a huge support base. We are all looking out for each other. My work has put together and dropped of food hampers to help those who have been unable to shop for themselves.”

  • Jen Shorter, Real Estate.
GATCF 15 Jenshorterphotos
Photo credit: Jenshorterphotos

“I work at Whitehaven’s Narrabri Underground mine. I’ve been unable to work due to road flooding. Saying that, the company have been excellent and offered camp accommodation in Narrabri if they choose to travel via Coonabarabran. Facebook and the Gunnedah Community Noticeboard have been very good for information, as have the council updates. I wouldn’t believe the river could come this high had I not seen it with my own eyes.”

  • Andy Cygan, Mining.
GATCF 15 Gunnedah Soccer Club Committee
Photo credit: Andy Cygan, Gunnedah Soccer Club Committee

“The floods have meant no work for over a week with much of our workforce isolated from townships as well. Our team have stayed connected by phone and regular check ins particularly with our staff who are cut off by the flood water.”

  • John Martin, Mining.
GATCF 15 John Martin
Photo credit: John Martin

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