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Complete Parts is a local powerhouse of success built through hard work, a smart vision and keen eye on the future, and the kind of young talent that will help get them there.

I recently popped up to Complete Parts to chat with General Manager Craig Tanzer about the importance of the younger members of the crew, the type of people they look for, and their importance to the future of the company.

Complete are punching well above their weight when it comes to apprentices and training and they currently have eight people employed at various stages of their apprenticeship training. Internally the company is committed to giving the best industry training possible to complement Tafe training. 

It’s not just about delivering talent with superior skills, it’s also about turning out people with an exceptional attitude to life as well as the job.

Craig told us, ‘Skills competency is one thing and it’s important, but the kind of people they grow into complements and enhances the quality of their eventual outcomes and path in life and obviously that can have positive effects on the company. Providing an environment to not only learn, but engage the employees positively on the journey is something we are very committed to.”

I met four outstanding individuals on our visit and what struck me was the confidence and good nature they all had in abundance. You just don’t see that or feel that when people are unhappy. Believe me these guys seemed on top of the world.

We met Lachlan Mills (pictured with the long hair) who perfectly demonstrates these are young people heading in the right direction. He recently got the chop at the Royal Hotel raising money at the World’s Greatest Shave and at the same time his intention growing it out was to donate it to Hair with Heart. 

ATCF 28.1 Complete2

Then there was Blake Odell (left) an apprentice plant mechanic, “I’m really enjoying it. Everyone here is nice and friendly and open. Even the bosses are pretty good!” He said with a laugh. 

Corey Hughes (centre) is otherwise known as ‘Mullet Man’ around the workshop and is clearly enjoying life almost too much as a first-year plant mechanic. “The best thing about the job is spinning spanners and working on everything,” he told us. 

Josh Miller (right) an apprentice plant mechanic put it simply, “I just love everything about it!”

Creating a healthy culture both physically and mentally is clearly working. 

Complete are even one third of the way through a twelve-week health challenge. Next time I visit these young guns I’ll be sure to see if the old codgers up there are keeping up. A great business, a great team and a great example of the right approach.

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