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RACQ CapRescue exists to serve the communities of Central Queensland, but without the support of those communities they would never leave the ground.

Since commencing operations in 1996, RACQ CapRescue have performed over 9500 rescues, and their average daily tasks continue to grow.

They are grateful to receive some of their funding from the Queensland Government, however, with operating costs projected at over $12 million annually, they rely on the help of all the communities right across their 350,000km2 coverage area.

When a CapRescue helicopter takes off, the team aboard know that every action they take will play a critical role in helping people to get through what is likely one of the most challenging days of their lives.

Providing this critical care in often traumatic circumstances, means lifelong bonds are formed between the dedicated CapRescue crew and the patients they help to save. These bonds extend out across the entire community.

The work that goes on in the air and on the ground to be able to deliver this Service happens only because of the large part that communities play.

They fly because you care.

Be it local fundraising initiatives in places like Blackwater, Emerald or Rolleston by dedicated volunteers doing everything from sausage sizzles to gala events and other creative fundraising ideas, volunteers are the backbone of this organisation. From the coast to the west, they are everywhere, and they are many.

From individual donations to the Rescue300 Club of regional business and community stakeholders who champion the cause, to the major corporate partners, every contribution and every partnership counts.

CapRescue is also strongly supported by our mining industry. From workplace donations to industry partnerships to hard working volunteers, we are proud to be a part of an industry that helps to keep this amazing Service in the air and saving lives.

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Powered by Partnerships

CapRescue’s partners come in all shapes and sizes and are as diverse as the communities they serve. Here’s the rundown on their partnership family.


These front-line champions are literally at the coalface of keeping them in the air. They are people you meet every day in your community who StepUp to save lives. They are your mums and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, neighbours and friends. They are in every community and they are special and valued beyond words. Without them, the Service would not survive.

High Altitude Partners

They literally couldn’t fly without their High Altitude Partners. They see the bigger picture of their mission and that is something CapRescue are deeply thankful for. Those generous and important partners include Glencore and BMA.

Blue Sky Partners

Blue Sky Partners help ensure that whatever the weather, they have the resources to act swiftly and rescue people in distress. Among their partners are Thiess and Anglo American.

Lift Off Partners

Lift Off Partners help the Service get off the ground and into the air. Industry leading companies including Hastings Deering, Orica, Yarrabee and Coxons Group are proud to help them always find their way.

Local Government

The Service serves the people of the Capricorn Region and so do local governments. They have similar missions, but different ways of achieving it. CapRescue are delighted to partner with many Central QLD councils and work together to protect our communities.


This is the club that saves lives. Rescue300 is a membership opportunity like no other. Likeminded businesses and individuals who care about their local community and want to keep this world class aeromedical Service in the air, come together to achieve amazing things for the people in their communities.

More than 140 local businesses and individuals support CapRescue through their Rescue300 club. Members work together to help keep their family, friends, and staff safe by supporting CapRescue with an annual donation.

Tony Hales of APH Glass and Aluminium said becoming a Rescue300 Member was an easy decision.

“Living in Emerald, we are fortunate to have a great hospital in our town. However, the surrounding townships and remote properties nearby rely heavily on the fantastic service the CapRescue chopper provides. To have an incredible team, including the expertise from the in-flight medical team at our doorstep, is a service we are proud to be part of.”

Join the Rescue300 community today! Contact Kim on 49229093 or email

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A Team Effort

Providing the people of Central QLD with an exceptional air rescue Service takes work. An extraordinary amount of work. Thankfully, they’ve got an extraordinary team, dedicated to helping their community.

From corporate governance, to media, to finance, to operations, to community engagement and fundraising, to highly experienced flight and medical crews who are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, their entire team is driven by a shared passion for saving lives.

“The fact that we never know what is going to happen when the phone rings is what I love about my job. Although every day and every job is something different, I know that each task provides a real life-saving difference to my community.” Mitch Vernon, Senior Pilot

“I don’t have a million dollars to give, I don’t have one hundred thousand dollars to give, but I do have a few hours every month to give. So I do my bit to raise money and awareness for this wonderful organisation. I’m passionate about helping the organisation do what it does best. Save lives. That’s what it means to me, that’s what it means to the community.” Sue Neaton, Volunteer

“Genuinely making a difference to someone in need is very fulfilling. RACQ CapRescue provides an invaluable and life-saving Service. Knowing that our Service has made a real difference in a person’s life is the most rewarding aspect.” Jake Moore, Pilot/Base Manager

“Our promise is that we’ll be there for you on your worst day. And we are – 24/7. For the CapRescue team though there are no bad days. Working for an organisation that offers hope and saves lives every single day is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. There’s no place I’d rather be. I’m sure every person here would agree with me. The people of Central QLD rely on us. I won’t let them down.” Kirsty Wooler, Operations Manager.

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You can be a Hero Too

Ready to help save lives? Hold your own fundraising event and support their Service.

They can’t fly without you. They’re not saying that to flatter you, they’re saying that because it’s true. The communities they serve contribute more than 40% of their funding. This happens through sponsorships, donations and community events.

They’re also confident you’ll find raising funds for the Service a rewarding experience. If you want some help, the fundraising team is available to lend skills and expertise. They can provide you with a detailed Fundraising Toolkit and all the resources you need to ensure your event is successful and enjoyable for everyone.

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