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Earlier this month, @ The Coalface were invited to a behind the scenes look at the latest NSW Minerals Council’s ‘Responsible Mining’ campaign.

The mining industry is the largest contributor to our economy and underpins our prosperity. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people out there who have no understanding of the vital contribution it makes – and will continue to make in the decades to come.

Many people also are unaware that Australia is a global leader in sustainable mining. We have a long history of implementing strong environmental and safety regulations and are leading the charge to keep our nation on target for net zero emissions by 2050. Our industry is also leading the way in technological advancement, sustainable rehabilitation, and meaningful repurposing of mined land. Mining responsibly from the first stages of exploration all the way through to closure and rehabilitation.

ATCF 16 Campaign 5 2
ATCF 16 Campaign 1 2

Responsible mining is not just a slogan, it’s the way we operate. That’s why campaigns like this are so important. To not only increase understanding, but to also give mining the acknowledgement it deserves.

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At the forefront of the campaign are people. Tens of thousands of people work in mining in NSW and through the campaign you will get to meet some of the passionate miners from MACH Energy Australia’s Mount Pleasant mine, Yancoal’s Mount Thorley Warkworth mine and Idemitsu’s Muswellbrook Coal mine.

And it’s not just about life on the job. Behind every mining story is a community story as we are not just first class miners, we are first class mining communities.

The world is going to need coal for many more decades. So, we also need campaigns like this to keep busting the myths.

Keep an eye out for the new ads on TV and to find out more go to:


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