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Moranbah Boys in Blue Coalface

Moranbah residents are showing their vibrant support for diabetes awareness in a unique way, thanks to a local initiative dubbed ‘Boys Go Blue’.

Spearheaded by Dylan, a local diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D), the campaign features eye-catching blue hair as a symbol of solidarity and awareness.

The idea sprang to life during a casual chat at Dylan’s workplace, Create a Sign, where dying hair in various colours morphed into a meaningful act of support for a serious cause.

Once Dylan mentioned his recent T1D diagnosis, the playful suggestion of hair colouring took on a deeper significance. Choosing blue, the colour representing diabetes awareness, he inspired his colleagues Tyson and Callum to join the cause.

This initiative not only brightens the streets of Moranbah but also serves as a powerful conversation starter, raising both awareness and funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The foundation is known for its relentless advocacy for governmental support and providing resources to those newly diagnosed with T1D.

“Living with Type 1 Diabetes is relentless. It demands constant attention and management, which can be physically and emotionally exhausting,” said Dylan.

Dylan’s mother Rebecca shared her perspective, shedding light on the personal challenges faced by families.

“Dylan’s diagnosis was a shock. Despite it being our family’s third time facing this, it hit us hard. We were incredibly lucky to recognise the signs early and seek medical intervention quickly, which likely saved his life from more severe complications.”

Community response has been overwhelmingly positive, with local residents praising the campaign for its creativity and impact.

The ‘Boys Go Blue’ effort is not just about fundraising but also educating the public on the critical ‘4 Ts’ of T1D symptoms: Thirst, Toilet, Thinner and Tiredness. Recognising these signs early can lead to prompt medical consultation, crucial for managing the disease effectively.

The campaign has emerged as a source of hope and support in Moranbah, connecting individuals affected by Type 1 Diabetes with essential resources and community assistance.

“Every time a parent approaches me about their child’s recent diagnosis, it reminds me of when our daughter Chelsea (Dylan’s sister) was diagnosed, my brother has it also, and it breaks my heart all over again,” said Rebecca. “It’s a disease that never ever stops, it’s extremely exhausting, a huge financial burden, but mostly, T1D parents get little to no respite.”

The boys would like to thank everyone from the Moranbah community for their support of the ‘Boys Go Blue’ initiative, which has helped to make a tangible difference in the lives of those living with diabetes. They would also like to extend their thanks to Tigerlilly Hair in Moranbah for their help in turning their hair blue.

Those interested in contributing can make donations through the “JDRF – The Boys Go Blue” campaign page at:

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