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Ever imagined soaring through the skies as the sun dips below Brisbane’s horizon, painting the city in a palette of fiery hues? Thanks to Bekaa Air’s Sunset Spectacular tour, I didn’t have to just imagine.

Our pilot Dave was more than just our guide through the skies, he was a treasure trove of fascinating facts and stories. As we soared above the city, he shared an intriguing tidbit: Brisbane is hot on Perth’s heels as the national leader in swimming pool ownership – a whopping 20% of homes boast their own backyard oasis. This fact became vividly clear from above as we spotted pools glittering like jewels in the fading sunlight.

The aerial view also offered a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyles of Brisbane’s elite. We flew over the plush neighborhoods around Mt Coot-tha, where lavish homes boasted not just pools but also private tennis courts. It was like peering into a world where recreational opulence is just par for the course.

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The 25-minute flight felt like a steal – not just for the view, but for the experience.

Dave pointed out each landmark with a backstory, making the journey a blend of a scenic tour and a fun history lesson. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better he mentioned their ‘Islands pub crawl’ tour. Flying over pristine beaches and landing at the coolest pubs? That’s already in my diary for next time.

Despite being a tad cautious about flying the safety and professionalism on board were top-notch. And while the tour is billed as a romantic escapade, I shared the experience with my Coalface teammate Bec. Far from being a third wheel in a romantic setting, it turned into a fun-filled aerial adventure.

As the helicopter gently glided back to earth the city lights began to twinkle like stars brought down to the ground. This serene moment was a gentle reminder of the beauty and tranquility that lies in seeing the world from a different perspective. It was an experience that resonated with a sense of adventure and discovery, a reminder of the joys of exploring our own backyard from the skies.

So whether you’re looking for romance or just a new perspective on Brisbane, Bekaa Air’s Sunset Spectacular is your ticket. As for me, I’m already gearing up for the next adventure – a pub crawl at 1,000 feet. Cheers to that!

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