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COMMUNITY GIFT – Sarina Bird Club



This month the Components Only and @ The Coalface $500 Community Gift goes to support the Sarina Bird Club, a haven for aviculture enthusiasts and feathered friends.

Established in 2005, the club has been an integral part of the Sarina community for nearly two decades. Donna Halls, the club’s Secretary, shared that the club started with a small group of locals who were passionate about birds.

“Anyone interested is welcome to join us, regardless of age,” she said.

The club is a regular fixture at the Sarina markets, taking place on the last Sunday of every month and volunteers are always on hand to give some friendly advice.

“Visitors can ask questions and gain valuable insights into bird care. Whether it’s about a pet parrot that has started biting or someone who is new to bird ownership, we offer practical advice for all situations,” said Donna.

Besides their educational initiatives, the club is actively seeking to diversify its membership.

“Much of our current members are older, and we’re keen to attract younger bird enthusiasts. Birds make fantastic, low-maintenance companions for all ages.”

When it comes to popular birds in the area, budgies, and cockatiels take the top spots. Donna said that other birds like Bourke Parrots, Redwings, Finches, Canaries and King Parrots also have a following in the region.

“If someone is considering caring for larger birds, we also offer advice on the associated increase in costs and any necessary licensing.”

The club’s annual bird sale is held in April each year and is a significant event that attracts participants from as far away as Emerald and Townsville.

They also collaborate with other regional clubs in the Northern Avian Conference, where guest speakers and avian veterinarians share their expertise.

“We run the Bird Pavilion at the Sarina and Finch Hatton Show each year, another avenue where we get to share our knowledge and passion,” said Donna.

As for funding, the club relies on sausage sizzles at Bunnings as their primary source and they are need all the funding they can get to help them overcome one of the main challenges facing the club, which is finding a permanent space.

“We need a dedicated place to store our equipment and our extensive library. We’re in the process of applying for grants to help us secure a proper clubhouse and any support we receive is appreciated.”

The Sarina Bird Club website serves as a one-stop resource for those interested in becoming members or learning more about aviculture. For anyone considering adopting a bird or wishing to deepen their knowledge about aviculture, the Sarina Bird Club offers a wealth of resources and a welcoming community.

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