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New South Wales November 2023



From milestones to achievements to innovations, why not raise a glass of champagne with us while you read this month’s stories.
First off, keeping a business afloat is a tough job. Can you imagine the tenacity it takes to do it for 100 years? Through wars, recessions and enormous technological change, Kings Engineering’s success is only surpassed by its rich history.
Alaster Wylie, General Manager of Mines Rescue/Regulation & Compliance has joined the prestigious board of the International Mines Rescue Body. In his role at Mines Rescue, Alaster is dedicated to improving the safety of the NSW coal mining industry and now he will be helping to improve mine safety and emergency response practices globally.
It’s easy to see when something needs improving, it’s much harder to improve it yourself. With just an innovative idea and plenty of drive to back it up, underground coal miners Andy Higgins and Tyler Creagh developed a product which turns a tedious and time consuming job into one that is simple and easy with their Mountain Road Self-Clearing Strainers.
Join us in toasting these amazing accomplishments. And don’t put the glass down just yet because there is plenty more!

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