New South Wales October 2023



How Far We’ve Come

This month we honour the 21 men who lost their lives at Bellbird Colliery in the worst mining disaster of our district. One hundred years later, we remember our fallen miners and make sure the lessons learnt are never forgotten.

21 men succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning, their safety gear consisting of little more than a handkerchief to cover their mouths. The terrible tragedy emphasised the importance of mining safety and became a catalyst for change, resulting in the Mines Rescue Act 1925 and the opening of the first Mines Rescue Station one year later. Since then, we have made remarkable improvements in mines rescue and emergency response.

To see the proof of just have far we have come you don’t need to look any further then the teams who showcased their capabilities at the Western Mines Rescue competition and the Hunter Valley Open Cut Mines Rescue competition last month. The skills mines rescue teams hone from these competitions not only help our industry, but flow out into the broader community and help keep everyone safe.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this edition we are proud to highlight the fantastic work of the McGrath Foundation. One in seven women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime however breast cancer affects everyone, not just the person diagnosed. Whether you’re a man, or you’re a woman, protecting boobs should be your mission.

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