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A Storching Success



Ciara Storch has secured the gold medal at the prestigious Oceania Youth Championships in Samoa. Her victory comes after a challenging journey, proving her mettle as a formidable athlete.

For Ciara, winning the gold was a triumph marked by a whirlwind of emotions having endured the loss of her big brother the previous year. However, she channeled her grief into her training, determined that nothing would stop her from achieving her dreams.

“Winning gold at the championships was such a rewarding moment for me,” Ciara said. “It was my first fight back in 16 months since my big brother passed away in April 2022. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was so proud to represent my country.

“A lot of people doubted me. But I worked hard day in and out to show everyone that even after facing such a difficult setback, boxing is what I want to do with my life.”

Facing formidable opponents from Tahiti and New Zealand, Ciara secured an early second round stoppage against Tahiti in the semi-finals and a unanimous points victory against New Zealand in the finals.

“Facing countries known for their strong aggressive style was challenging,” Ciara explained. “I knew I had fight smart to come out on top. It was all about staying focused and following my corner’s guidance, which ultimately led me to the gold medal.”

Coming from the small mining town of Dysart, Ciara acknowledges the significance of her achievement beyond her personal success.

“I am so grateful to be a role model to many young people in the community and to be able to show them that anything is possible. There’s nothing better than coming back to my small town with gold medals and receiving overwhelming support and love. I think my club, Dig Deep Boxing, was happier than I was. It makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it.”

Kiara said her achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support and coaching she receives.

“My support system and coaches are my everything, none of this would be possible without my home and travel coaches. I owe all my victories to my coaches, especially my dad/coach Craig. He is my rock, waking up at 5am before school for training and late-night sessions after work. I am also very lucky to be a part of such a supportive community who helped fundraise to get me to Samoa.

“Dig Deep Boxing is a small, tight-knit club, we are all family. We all support each other in and out of the ring. A huge focus in our club is mental health, and we openly discuss ways to overcome battles we face in and out of the ring. Moreover, being a part of Dig Deep Boxing has opened doors for me. They have a pathway for all registered Australian boxers to be eligible for events like the Commonwealth Games and Olympics, which no other organisation in Australian boxing allows.”

Aside from her home club, Ciara also receives support from Impact Boxing Cooroy and CSC Boxing in Brisbane, where she travels to train and spar with different boxers. Her journey has been further bolstered by the support from Boxing Queensland Inc., Coach Mark Evans, and Boxing Australia. Boxing Queensland hosts monthly development camps in Brisbane, where Ciara engages in rigorous training, sparring, and technical drills.

“I was so stoked to be selected as the U19 team captain for the QLD boxing team. I remember being 13 years old at my first nationals and looking up to the older girls. It was a surreal experience to be that big sister to the new younger girls. I hope to receive another leadership role in the future.”

Looking ahead, Ciara is focused on her boxing career and graduating from school. She recently completed work experience at Saraji Mine and hopes to secure a job in the mines that accommodates her boxing schedule and supports her financially.

Ciara is seeking sponsorships to cover the costs of traveling, flights, and boxing gear, which currently requires her to work two jobs alongside her training. If any businesses are interested in contributing to her boxing journey they can contact her via email at: or or reach out via phone on 0428607603.

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