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4RFM, Moranbah’s local community radio station has launched another successful edition of its Project Podcast Program.

In partnership with both Moranbah’s primary schools, this unique program offers Year 6 students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a six-week podcast training program. The culmination of their efforts is a captivating one-hour podcast episode.

This term, the students embraced the theme of motivation and inspiration, resulting in a thought-provoking podcast titled “What About Those People?” The students embraced their new interviewing skills as they each spoke to a person that personally inspired them.

The students also shared their feedback on the program, highlighting their personal growth and the enjoyment they derived from the experience. This feedback underscores the program’s impact, providing them with a platform to learn, grow, and share inspiring stories. The Project Podcast Program offered by 4RFM continues to empower Moranbah’s youth, equipping them with valuable skills and amplifying their voices.

To listen to the podcast episodes visit Spotify and search for “4RFM Project Podcast.” For more information about 4RFM’s Project Podcast Program, visit the station’s website or tune in to 4RFM for the latest updates.

Zaria & Ben
Zaria had the privilege of interviewing Ben Southall, the celebrated adventurer who famously won the esteemed “Best Job in the World” competition. Ben’s role as the Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef in 2009, make him an embodiment of pursuing dreams and embracing adventurous opportunities. Zaria was fascinated by Ben’s experiences, and she learned about the importance of determination and the incredible rewards that come to those who pursue their passions.

Gabbi & Kiana
Gabbi’s interview featured Kiana Botfield, a BMX Coach who represented Australia at three world championships. Kiana’s dedication to her sport, her accomplishments on a global stage, and her advocacy for female riders make her an inspiration to young athletes. Gabbi was inspired by Kiana’s resilience and passion for BMX, showcasing the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and breaking down barriers in traditionally male-dominated sports.

Nate & Ben
Nate had the opportunity to chat with former NRL star Ben Ross, known for his outstanding rugby league career. Ben’s journey in professional sports, including winning the 2003 NRL Premiership, and his determination to overcome challenges, including a well-known confrontation with another player, demonstrated to Nate the values of teamwork, perseverance, and resilience. Nate’s interview with Ben Ross highlighted the power of overcoming adversity and finding success through hard work and dedication.

Yeshe & Matthew
Yeshe had the privilege of interviewing Matthew Harkness, a pilot from the Royal Flying Doctor Service – Queensland Section. Matthew’s role as a flying doctor, providing vital medical assistance to remote areas, resonated with Yeshe’s fascination for aviation and helping others. Yeshe found inspiration in Matthew’s dedication to his work and his advice on how young individuals can pursue careers as flying doctors, showcasing the importance of making a positive impact on society.

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