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Front L-R: Ava Firth, Bailee Kemp. Back L-R: Ariana Stewart, Amber Collie.
Front L-R: Ava Firth, Bailee Kemp. Back L-R: Ariana Stewart, Amber Collie.

The Australian Championships witnessed an extraordinary display of talent and determination as four acrobats from Emerald Gymnastics and Trampoline Club competed in the Level 6 Pair category on May 21, 2023.

Amber Collie and Bailee Kemp, along with Ariana Stewart and Ava Firth, showcased their skills at the prestigious event held at Carrara on the Gold Coast.

This competition held special significance for Emerald Gymnastics and Trampoline Club, as it marked the return of representation at the championships after several years. The club was proud to support two level 6 women’s pairs and acknowledged that the girls’ commitment and motivation were vital in achieving such a high level of performance.

Emerald Gymnastics and Trampoline Club recognise the challenges faced by athletes from regional areas, including isolation, distance, and the financial burden of attending competitions, workshops and training in Brisbane. The club generously sponsored all four athletes, assisting them with the costs involved with competing at this level.

In preparation for the championships, two highly skilled coaches from Brisbane visited Emerald to work with the girls, providing valuable guidance and expertise. The acrobats embraced the opportunity to work with other coaches to improve and perfect their skills in readiness for the championships.

The Australian Championships proved to be an unforgettable experience for the athletes, who agreed that it was nothing short of amazing. Representing Queensland and competing against top-calibre athletes from across the country was an honour for the girls. Their performances at this high-level competition, their first of such magnitude, filled their coach and parents with immense pride.

The expectations for Amber, Bailee, Ariana and Ava remain high as they continue their journey in the world of acrobatics. They look forward to competing later in the year at the State Championships to be held in Brisbane. With their unwavering determination and the support of their club, the girls are poised to make further advancements and improvements in their performances.

The success of these talented acrobats serves as a testament to the power of hard work and dreaming big. Despite the challenges they faced due to their regional location, they conquered the barriers with sheer dedication and resilience.

Emerald Gymnastics and Trampoline Club, along with the entire club community, is confident that these exceptional athletes will make their mark in the future. The sponsorship provided by the club not only supported the girls’ aspirations but also showcased the importance of nurturing talent and fostering a love for acrobatics within regional areas.

The remarkable achievements of Amber, Bailee, Ariana and Ava continue to inspire others to reach for the stars and believe in their own potential. The future looks bright for these rising stars, and it is certain that their names will grace the stage of the Australian Championships once again.

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