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Queensland June 2023



This month our cover image is of Newland’s Open Cut crew commemorating the last coal mined from their Wollombi pit. Whilst it’s with a heavy heart they say goodbye after so many years, there’s also loads of pride at the legacy they leave behind. 

Since Newlands commenced operations 42 years ago, our industry has undergone massive changes. How companies go about rehabilitation is one of them.

Planning for rehabilitation takes place long before mining commences, and in most cases is undertaken progressively during the life of a mine. Companies are committed to ensuring that after mining, land can repurposed for many uses, such as agriculture, renewable energy infrastructure, native ecosystems and community development.

Newlands has already received two certifications for rehabilitation and over the coming decades as they transform the site from coal to cattle, will no doubt set new benchmarks for mine closure in Queensland.

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