New South Wales June 2023



There’s plenty of good years still head for coal mining in our region.

It’s full steam ahead for the reopening of the Dartbook coal mine. While at this stage the mine only has approval to mine underground until 2027, Australia Pacific Coal (AQC) has been utilising as many local businesses as they can while they’ve been getting the mine ready to open and are determined to hire locally once they’re ready to get coal out of the ground. AQC are also committed to making sure they invest back into the community for the life of the mine.

Plans are underway by The Bloomfield Group to extend the mine life of their Rix’s Creek North mining operation by an additional 14 years. The Bloomfield Group have been part of the Hunter Valley community for more than 85 years and the extension will allow even more generations of families to work for this proudly Australian owned company.

With the Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue’s School Mine Tours back on the road, it means hundreds of students from schools all across the region will see up close and personal what a career in coal mining can look like, and can rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities for forging their own careers in the years to come.

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