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Queensland March 2023



Giving Back

In our feature this month we mention the amount of corporate giving by mining companies last year hitting over a billion dollars. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Every single mine site supports their local communities in numerous ways. While the big donations often get the limelight – though never as much as they deserve – there are so many other contributions that mostly go unnoticed.

Volunteering, partnerships, fundraising, payroll contributions, events, sponsorships and grants. From a crew running a raffle to raise money for a local organisation, to a worker entering a fundraising event to raise money for a charity, and yes, we can’t forget all the equipment proudly painted on mine sites to raise awareness.

While most of these are on a small scale, the sheer number of them adds up to something extraordinary. If we shared every story, this magazine would be a thousand pages long.  

Whether it takes energy, time or donations, our industry never stops giving back.

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