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The One That Got Away



On the chew… Chris has been tangling with a few Windermere pigs. He reports that with water temps and levels rising, the Yellowbelly are firing in the impoundments. The rising water levels are flooding the banks exposing feed and the fish are up on the shallow edges gorging out on them.

Gee whiz didn’t October pack a bit of everything – wind, rain and just a hint of sun…


On the menu we have Flathead on the chew around the edges reacting well to lures and baits especially a slow rolled unweighted pilly or fresh prawn.

Jewies are well on the move for the summer months – find the bait, find the fish!

Kings are turning it on around the structure and have been encountered inside the local estuaries, also with some absolute hoods in the mix.


Snapper continue to be a great option holding in good numbers around the reefs. With the water warming up and very clear at times, it pays to fish during the day and at first or last light.

The fishing out wide along the shelf is starting to shape up nicely. At this time of year it’s really hard to know what to expect as the current hasn’t really kicked in but looking at the charts anything could happen overnight.

Some good numbers of Striped Marlin from Coffs down to Port Mac have been caught already, hopefully the weather cleans its act up and we can get out and have a look. 


I still can’t think of a better way to spend a spring sunrise or sunset kicked back on one of our local beaches soaking a few baits enjoying a brew or two.

What to expect along the beaches next month?

We will have Bream, Whiting and Flathead in the gutters and Tailor and Salmon will be travelling through during the low light times.

Big beach Jewies will be on the cards from this month as well if this is something your keen to try fresh or live baits are the key to success.


Plenty of water between the fish around the impoundments but don’t let that worry you as they are fishing exceptionally well.

Both major Hunter dams Lake St Clair and Glenbawn have been fishing well and will continue as we head into the summer months.

It’s definitely time to bust out those surface lures and hit the Bass.

Keep floatin’ – Thrifty’s

Tail dancing… Why not throw in fishermen’s tale! Some of you might say where’s your photos, yeah right like that really happened. Even I would be hard pressed to believe it if someone told me this story as I’m sure it’s something I’ll never encounter again. While fishing the wash for Snapper off the bay recently we managed to snag – well only for a few very quick minutes – a five to six foot swordfish! After near losing a spool of line in seconds we managed to chase it down but unfortunately we parted ways shortly after… I would have to say these things kick some serious butt and what an amazing fish to see in the flesh.

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