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Port Waratah Coal Services has been part of Newcastle and the Hunter region for more than 45 years, connecting the Hunter Valley coal chain to the world, playing an active part in the local community and advocating for the region.

From pit to port, the Hunter Valley Coal Chain spans 450km, involves 35 mines, rail haulage providers and ARTC, three export terminals, The Port of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator, making it one of the largest and most collaborative coal supply chains in the world.

The coal is hauled distances of up to 380 kilometres to reach the Port of Newcastle where coal is exported to more than 20 countries and used for energy production and steel manufacturing.

The PWCS combined licences coal loading capacity is 145 million tonnes across both Carrington and Kooragang Coal Terminals, making Port Waratah the largest coal export terminal in the world. Last year, they received, stockpiled, blended and loaded 111.3 million tonnes of coal onto a record number of 1279 vessels for export, across the Carrington and Kooragang terminals.

PWCS CEO Hennie du Ploy says the company’s Local Voices program is one of the important ways it connects with the community it operates in.

The fifth survey ended at the beginning of October and will be used to delve into matters which are the most important to the Newcastle community.

Residents were invited to share their views on Port Waratah operations, community investment, employment and economic contributions, environmental performance, COVID-19 impacts and community engagement activities.

Mr du Plooy said Port Waratah was committed to using community feedback from the survey to shape its decision making and business planning.

“Our team uses the results from the survey to improve our decisions and strategic plans, ultimately improving our operations and aligning our performance to stakeholder expectations over time,” he said.

“From the most recent feedback received, we better understand the community’s interest in impact management and data, like air quality, noise and water management, and actions in sustainability and climate change.”

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