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Fenner Focus on Fatigue Management



Fenner Conveyors launched a new industry leading fatigue management program on April 4, 2022, further cementing their commitment to worker safety.

Safety is embedded throughout Fenner and making sure everyone goes home safe to their families after each shift is their top priority. Their safety culture comes from feet on the ground, all the way through to director level – everyone plays a part in the business’s success.

Through a recent focus on fatigue management, the Fenner team developed an app designed to assist and support in managing fatigue throughout their workforce.

The app was developed in a bid to move away from paper-based processes and improve the fatigue management standard by providing live journey management data and 24/7 monitoring of risk assessments completed.

Mark Hebditch, Fenner Conveyors Health and Safety Systems Specialist commended the successful implementation of the program to Fenner’s branches nationwide.

“Since the app was launched in April, we have had 79 individual fatigue risk assessments logged and 47 journey management plans,” said Mark.

“This is a great indication that the program is becoming well embedded into our operations and reassuring that our employees are assessing and managing their own fatigue risks.

“In combination with the program roll out, all areas of our service and manufacturing teams have undergone revised training for fatigue management, with all new employees coming into the business also undergoing fatigue management training as part of their onboarding via eLearn modules in the Fenner Learning Management System (LMS).”

The program gives managers, supervisors and coordinators transparency across fatigue levels in their teams. They can easily access the assessment data of those working outside prescribed hours and ensure this is actioned accordingly to assist in avoiding fatigue related incidents.

In recent years, Fenner Conveyors has dedicated efforts towards total safety for all employees through the implementation of a list of initiatives – their new fatigue management program being the latest.

“The program enables our Safety Team to accurately conduct investigations into safety incidents where fatigue is a potential contributor,” said Mark.

“In a recent incident, fatigue assessment data was able to be easily pinpointed in the period leading up to the incident – up until now, we’ve never had this level of transparency.”

Fenner plans to build on this as their company grows and their safety management standards continue to adapt to the requirements of our industry.

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