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Conveniently located on Conadilly Street in the heart of Gunnedah, Bitter Suite Café and Wine Bar invites you in for a breaky or lunch and live music some Friday nights.

During our recent trip to Gunnedah, my partner Shaun and I were on the search for a bite to eat for breakfast when we came across the Bitter Suite Café and Bar and we’ve never seen a café like it. Chandeliers hang from the outdoor dining area ceiling along with bells, trinkets, spoons and forks, fairy lights, candles and a huge array of thriving plants and greenery. Colourful artworks line the walls and a collection of eclectic furniture provide comfortable seating. Even the entry gates to the café are as beautiful as they are grand.

We sat down and admired our surroundings before ordering which took a while as our eyes took in every stunning aspect of the space. When it came time to order, Shaun couldn’t go past the Buttermilk Pancakes with maple drizzle, fresh fruit and vanilla bean ice-cream whereas I went for the classic Eggs Benedict. We of course topped our order off with a couple of coffees.

When Shaun received his pancakes, we were intrigued to find it was one giant pancake rather than a stack. This one pancake was the height and width of a stack of pancakes, so Shaun got stuck into it and found it to be mouthwatering. I had to have a mouthful or two and found the addition of fresh fruit and ice cream made each sweet bite to die for.

I’ve had loads of eggs benny in my time, and I am pleased to share Bitter Suite Café and Bar do a damn good one. The bacon was crispy and the egg perfectly runny just the way I like it. We were also big fans of the coffees, which were smooth and not bitter.

As we finished off our meals, one of the staff members came around to let us know of their occasional live music Friday nights, with one happening to be on that very night. With nothing planned for that evening we were thrilled to have found a relaxing spot to have a few wines and listen to some tunes.

Singer and Songwriter, Hello Jane was set to perform at 7pm, so I spent the day working in anticipation for a lovely night. We were also excited to see what the café and bar looked like at night with its fairy light and chandelier filled setting which we found to be nothing short of beautiful.

Walking through the gates is like walking into another little world of sweet serenity, like an enchanting brightly lit sanctuary. The passion they have put into the design and quality of this establishment is impressive.

Cocktails, craft beers, prestige wines and tapas were available as we sat back and listened to Hello Jane begin her first set which was fantastic to listen to. Not only do the Bitter Suite team host live music some Fridays, but they also make an effort to provide quality entertainment from well renowned national artists. Shaun and I were loving the cocktails and thoroughly enjoyed the night and atmosphere.

We recommend you head to Bitter and Suite Café and Bar for an appetising breakfast, yummy lunch or a night of music, drinks and fun. No matter what you drop in for, you’re going to love the experience.

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