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Bradken is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of differentiated, innovative consumable products to the mining industry.

Our experienced engineering team is able to adapt our range of Bradken designed and manufactured Ground Engaging Tools (GET), buckets, blades, and associated products to support the diversity and challenges of mining environments around the world.

Bradken has been manufacturing Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and buckets for the global mining market for more than 70 years. Our products are designed to suit mining class front-end loaders, hydraulic excavators and face shovels and can be customised to suit even the most challenging site-specific requirements.

We recently delivered one of our high performance Eclipse cast lips for a customer’s 600T excavator in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. This is this customer’s second Eclipse cast lip, having realised the production benefits provided by of the markets’ most streamlined cast lip with their first installation.

Our Eclipse cast lip and GET offerings for 350T to 800T Hydraulic Excavators have a range of features that deliver reliability, safety and productivity results.

These features include; a streamlined design to maximise digging efficiency, minimise wear and improve fatigue life compared with competitor products, and the ability to incorporate truly hammer-free removal of points.

The Bradken Eclipse cast lip is lighter without compromising strength and durability, featuring a streamlined profile to achieve better results more efficiently. Simulations undertaken across a range of machines indicate up to a 3% reduction in fill power required when using Bradken Eclipse cast lips.

Our Eclipse GET system and streamlined cast lip reduces the effort required by the operator to fill the bucket, helping achieve the target payloads and cycle times more consistently than other offerings on the market today.

The new streamline cast lip design features:

  • Optimised nose angle to increase ‘cutting clearance’ and ‘toe access’ to reduce fill energy required.
  • Wear caps that provide lip protection and extend service life.
  • Up to 1 tonne mass reduction over previous generation lips – depending on excavator size
  • Predicted increase in fatigue life of up to 50%.

The benefits of applying the Eclipse cast lip results in improved bucket fill performance, reduced cycle times, and extended maintenance intervals.

Bradken’s Eclipse lip system features a structural one-piece casting poured from clean steel that has been refined through the AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburisation) process. With the options of a two-part Eclipse tooth system or a solid one-piece tooth customers may choose the optimal GET combination to suit their application including the world’s toughest digging conditions. The Eclipse Adapters and Points offer were created to optimise safe installation and removal as a priority, incorporating truly hammerless retention.  Our parts are offered with purpose-built tools to enable changeout of worn parts at the end of their service life without the need for a hammer at any stage of the change process.

Our Eclipse cast lips are now in high demand so be sure to contact your local Bradken rep for more information:

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