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Global Product Specialist team L to R Steven Morgan, Ben Hailes, Daniel Fedder, Kate Fedder, Niel Cyprian, Tim Moore, Aaron Pittman, Brad Burrell

ComponentsONLY is the global leader in the trade of heavy earthmoving components. Specialising in hard-to-find components, their team buy, sell and source new, used, and rebuilt components. As an integral member of the heavy earthmoving, mining, and construction communities, their Global Product Specialists reliably supply components for outright sale and service exchange.

With a deep knowledge of Liebherr, Hitachi, Komatsu, LeTourneau, and Caterpillar equipment, ComponentsONLY has assembled a team that possess a thorough understanding of mechanical and electric drive assets. This knowledge includes ultra-class dump trucks, excavators, dozers, graders and other ancillary equipment. Appreciating the critical impacts of downtime and the requirement for timely solutions, ComponentsONLY has in seven years diligently built a business from the ground up, focussing on the unique challenges that face miners in a high-stakes, high-value, 24/7 industrial environment.

At the core of ComponentsONLY’s business is their industry-leading Markets Manager software. This software monitors over 64,000 registered mining assets by make, model & serial number, with over 220,000 components tracked worldwide. Providing real-time information, this system supports mine operators keep their fleets operating through long-term planning and critically in the event of unscheduled downtime. With availability and time, the two essential ingredients to achieving a quick resolution, technology today plays a crucial role in supporting ComponentsONLY provide timely solutions.

Headquartered in Brisbane, ComponentsONLY have offices in Australia’s key mining regions, including Mackay, Perth and here in Singleton. Globally, their reach extends far and wide, with team members stationed in the world’s major mining districts, including South Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Americas. Despite the adverse effects of COVID-19, ComponentsONLY has continued to provide customers consistent support in the face of increasing supply chain disruption, in large due to their physical presence underpinned by technology. Fortuitously, this infrastructure enabled their team to go into places others couldn’t when Australia’s mining industry most needed essential components.

Speaking recently about their continued growth, ComponentsONLY Director, Ben Hailes, had this to say about their team, “Positioning ourselves as a trusted source of advice, we take the time to understand our customer’s requirements, lead times and constraints. Understanding that availability is key, we strive to provide our customers timely, cost-effective solutions, consistently, and pride ourselves on our ability to source components that others can’t supply.” 

Incredibly, it’s the six most used letters in the industry that provides ComponentsONLY with the greatest opportunity to demonstrate value to their customers, those six letters being ‘nil stk’ (nil stock) aka ‘sorry mate, don’t have/can’t help/go somewhere else. Curiously, this, in Ben’s words, “is a point where most relationships start and stop, whereas ours begin.”

“A lot rides on getting the right product delivered to the right place at the right time, and with ‘no time for downtime’, our team understand the essential role we play in ‘keeping our customers tracking’.”

Like to know more? Visit or call Aaron ‘Pitto’ Pittman (who we’re told is always good for a cuppa) at their Singleton office on 02 4062 7370 or 0499 880 253.

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