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SAFETY & TRAINING: Newcastle Safety Servicing



As one of the leading suppliers and servicers of safety equipment in NSW, Newcastle Safety Servicing are the manufacturer, installer and service provider of the Mine Vehicle Breathing Apparatus (MVBA) System.

The Mine Vehicle Breathing Apparatus is a breathing apparatus designed for heavy mobile plant such as coal stockpile dozers where vehicle engulfment is a major operational hazard. 

Made to protect the operator, Newcastle Safety Servicing understand the gravity of the MVBA Systems function and the importance of regular servicing and maintenance. As well as designing and manufacturing the MVBA, Newcastle Safety Servicing also meticulously install and service the system, giving your business peace of mind that your CHPP operators are working under the safest conditions.

While self-contained breathing apparatus equipment is notoriously low maintenance and designed for long service life, regular inspection and breathing apparatus servicing are crucial to ensure workers are provided with optimally working safety equipment. 

Originally developed for equipment operating in irrespirable atmospheres such as waste handling where the risk of gases, fumes and even spontaneous combustion was ever present, the MVBA system was introduced to stockpile dozers in the Hunter Valley in 2008 as a vehicle mounted supplied breathing air unit for use in the event of dozer engulfment.

Designed in accordance with AS1715:2009 Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Equipment, and functioning under the same concept as Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) used in firefighting or confined space entry, the MVBA system negates the requirement for compressed air cylinders to be stored inside vehicle cabins and provides up to 7 hours of respirable air in the event of engulfment. The MVBA system is offered as an alternative to Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) under MDG 28: Safety Requirements for Coal Stockpiles. 

As a standalone positive pressure system, functionality is solely mechanical not relying on any machine or electrical function for operation. 

The pod contains a 350 bar 50L compressed air cylinder that feeds air into the cabin panel. Gauges on the panel monitor high and intermediate pressures from the pod to the panel and from the panel to the mask/lung demand valve (LDV) respectively. A reducer is present in the panel to lower the supply pressure to 7 bar for the mask to function. The MVBA system will allow air to flow only when the mask/LDV line is connected to the panel. Once the mask is fitted through connection of the LDV into the panel, the operator can breathe normally, and respirable air will be delivered as required.

Installed on over 50 vehicles in operation across NSW and QLD, the MVBA can be fitted to Caterpillar, Komatsu and Liebherr dozers and is capable of utilization with MSA, Drager and Scott masks. Currently up to version 2.5, Newcastle Safety Servicing has refined the product with each iteration of the MVBA system featuring upgrades for safety, reliability and maintainability. 

As the manufacturer, Newcastle Safety Servicing can offer fixed price MVBA system servicing with accredited Service Technicians working under your maintenance schedule to minimise downtime to keep your MVBA system functioning and compliant. Should the need arise, our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles enable our technicians to attend site, assess and repair systems with minimal disruption to your operation. 

Not currently using Newcastle Safety Servicing for your MVBA? Call 02 4960 1372 to book your MVBA system in for a ‘health check’ today.

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