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Genshin Impact Childe (Tartaglia) Build: The Best Builds, Artifacts And Bows – Forbes

Here are the best builds, artifacts and bows for Childe (Tartaglia) in Genshin Impact right now, as of Update 1.4.



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Genshin Impact
At this point I have pulled a fair amount of 5 stars in Genshin Impact, but only one has been on every team Ive compiled since I got him, Childe, or Tartaglia as hes sometimes known. Hes a big part of Genshins story and one of the farmable bosses each week, and now hes back as a re-run banner, with new 4 star Rosaria in tow.
I highly recommend going for Childe, probably the strongest hydro hero in existence, and once you get him, its time to start crafting a build for him….

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